Summer Goals

I have a weird theory about my fitness practices. When I was in college I was taking a full course load and working 19 hours a week. That’s it. And a full course load for a film student meant watching a few movies a week and writing about them, two of my favorite things to do (yes, I’m weird and like to write, not good I admit, analytical papers on film and novels). So I wasn’t that stressed out.

At least, not as stressed out as adult me was about to become.

Now I work 40-70 hours/week in an extremely high stress, fast paced environment and have a cat daughter at home who is on 3 medications for various illnesses.

Back in college I would work out 2-3 hours a day no problem. Lifting weights, high-intensity interval cardio, Zumba, and 45 minutes of yoga. I liked the wide varieties of workouts and the fast paced ones especially.

Now, however, not so much. Even just 20 minutes of interval training gives me anxiety. So I recently switched over to solely doing yoga and let me tell you I am loving it.

I’m also only 3 days in and hindered because I was selling my dining room table yesterday and had to carry it down 3 flights of stairs by myself, and in the process either strained or sprained my back. Either way it hurts like hell and I can barely bend over when I am used to being able to place my hands flat on the floor. But by staying active, lots of ibuprofen, heat, and the healing power of yoga I’m sure I’ll be good as new in no time.

Which brings me to the point of my post. My health goals for the summer are to practice yoga for at least an hour daily, and really listen to my body and what it needs. For the next few weeks that’ll probably be more restorative yoga than strengthening for my back, but I’m excited to heal and get into the really yummy stuff like arm balances and also balancing out my mind. I also want to focus more on eating a super clean diet, which won’t be too difficult because I’ve been doing it for about a week now and already my body rejects junk food. I decided to celebrate yesterday being my (un)anniversary and bought a mocha and sweet bread which my body promptly rejected.

I am excited to see where I am at the end of the summer! At the very least maybe my back won’t hurt anymore 😉



New Fitness Goals

If you watched one of last week’s vlogs you’ll know I was thinking of quitting my gym.


The staff is pretty nice, but some things have been broken since I signed up in December with new things added since then, plus I have been approached by multiple guys, older guys. The young ones have figured out to leave me alone, or at least have some manners. The older ones are always telling me I’m doing my moves wrong. “Let me correct your form.” “I’m impressed, you’re in here every day. Good for you.” Dude, leave me alone, I’m trying to lift. So I haven’t been in about 2 weeks now. It’s not really a gym and I don’t feel comfortable there. I just feel them watching me. No, seriously, they stare, and I’m not being paranoid.


Last week I started doing home workouts. I found this guy on YouTube  and his workouts are fantastic. The ones I’ve been doing are HIIT based, and from what I’ve looked at of his strength ones they follow the same formula. I just need more weights than my dinky old 5 pound dumbbells from high school. And I started the 30 day Yoga Camp series from Yoga with Adrienne but I missed the weekend because of work and errands, so I’m 2 days behind but am gonna pick it up again tonight after work. I injured my knee and my hip on a run last Tuesday, which was just a sign that I need to do more yoga. I always injure them even with stretches and warmups, but for some reason when I was doing yoga regularly I never hurt them. Probably because I was creating space in my body regularly along with being more in tune with it.

Once Crush Fit comes out with their totally home-based workout I’m buying it and jumping in, but until then I’m just doing HIIT 30-60 minutes (sometimes 90) a day along with the yoga videos. I’ve got a lot of extra fat to lose, anyway, so I need to be focusing on that. And I’m also thinking of training for a marathon because I’ve never done one and it sounds like hell but also fun.


Basically, I’m quitting the gym because I’m uncomfortable there and it would save me some money, and focusing on more cardio based fitness and yoga. I love lifting, and I look forward to the day I can get back to it, but I also lost sight of other things I love to do, like yoga and running and dancing. There are other gyms in town but I can’t afford any of them right now. I’m a little sad, but I’m having a lot of fun putting on my Zumba music and doing HIIT in my living room every day. It’s just so convenient, and when I get heavier weights with the money I save from not going to the gym it’ll be a lot more challenging. Not that I’m not dripping with sweat at the end of my workouts.

Sometimes the gym isn’t for everyone and there are plenty of good alternatives, especially with YouTube in existence now.

Week #41 of 2015

Oct 4

IMG_2395The Actor went to Oktoberfest last weekend and brought me back a piece of this raspberry chocolate fudge. It took me about a week to eat the whole thing because I’d only take a bite or two a day, but by the end of the week I just devoured the darn thing. It was delicious.

Oct 5


After about 3 weeks I finally got back into watching Fresh Baked Disney. Maybe it’s weird, but it actually helps my anxiety and stress levels to watch those videos.

Oct 6

IMG_2398I made baked sweet potatoes for dinner and I always end up just mashing mine into a giant sweet potato cinnamon mush. It’s delicious.

Oct 7

IMG_2401My uni celebrated National Coming Out Day a few days early. I don’t really know why, but they did. They had a closet door for people to sign and there were events and it was pretty nice to see how many people got involved.

Oct 8


Dinner. Brown rice, steamed veggies, a boca patty, and ketchup. It was pretty tasty. But whenever I eat food with rice I’m instantly hungry again 30 minutes later, so I just went to bed.

Oct 9

IMG_2403The Crush at Home day I had on Friday was an active rest day so I practiced my Zumba choreography and finished with 30 minutes of yoga. It was a nice relaxing morning, and then work was chaos. I spent about 75% of my shift with the other few people who were not new trying to put the station back in 100% working order. But at least the shift went by super fast.

Oct 10


Yesterday was a lazy day. We went to the gym, I worked on my movie, we binged watched a lot of Legend of Korra because Amazon finally put Book 3 on Prime, and then we went to a party at a friend’s house.

How was your week?

Week #40 of 2015

Sept 27


My knee hates me. I wore that brace for an entire week and it’s finally not hurting all the time anymore.

Sept 28


This is the mug I bought in Disneyland. My mom wanted me to send her a picture. It’s so pretty! Monday I had yoga and class then work. It was long and boring.

Sept 29


I went back to volunteering on Tuesday which is so much fun. But it was also my long work day and I had a Pure Romance party after so I was exhausted by the end of the day.

Sept 30


Wednesday was another long day. I had yoga, volunteering, class, and work. This quarter just might kill me.

Oct 1


I had my Pure Romance launch party on Thursday. It went pretty well and I even sold a few things and booked a few parties. So if anyone in the Central Washington/Seattle area wants to host a party you should let me know!

Oct 2

Netflix added the last season of The Vampire Diaries so I started watching that. I’m hoping to be caught up in time for the new season but I’m not that good at binge watching.

Oct 3


I spent Saturday doing homework, watching Mean Girls, and I made single serving peanut butter cookies as a treat. They’re vegan and really clean and delicious.

How was your week?

Week #33 of 2015

I totally forgot to post this yesterday!

August 9

IMG_1986I started watching Ouran Host Club on Sunday. Yes, I am an anime nerd, but I hadn’t seen this one before, which is stupid because it’s fairly popular and I love it.

August 10

IMG_1989I took this picture in snapchat with the caption “we wear red cause we won’t survive” because our job has literally been slowly killing us, but I thought it was a good picture of us so I cropped it and put it on my instagram.

August 11

IMG_1990Feet up the wall because it helps drain the lactic acid back into your body and it was leg day, so I needed it. It helped. I wasn’t so sore that I couldn’t bend over the next day, but sore enough to be satisfied.

August 12

IMG_1991The sunrise was dim and cool and it made me think of fall. I am so ready, you guys. I am over summer. Especially with all the wildfires nearby.

August 13

IMG_1996It was the Actor’s birthday so we all went out to celebrate with some friends. It was a fun night. I don’t have a selfie stick so my short little arms had to do. It turned out okay.

August 14

IMG_2001 IMG_2002

Friday was nice. I took my first shift off so I didn’t have to get up too terribly early. Work was incredibly slow so I doodled and then we ended the night with wine and 22 Jumpstreet, one of the movies I got the Actor for his birthday.

August 15

IMG_2003I took these on Saturday because I was admiring my leg progress. I finish Crush60 on Saturday and I’m really happy overall with my results. Once my gym opens back up I’m going to repeat it, but I have to take a week off because that’s how long it’s shutting down. I’ll probably take Sunday off and then if we go visit family I’ll go for morning runs. It’s too smoky here to do it outside, but on the other side of the mountains it’s probably fine.

How was your week?

Week #23 of 2015

May 31

IMG_1487Sunday was the theater banquet I already posted about. There was an after after party I went to for a little while, but ended up going home so that I could sleep before work the next day. It was my first rest day in a while, too.

June 1

IMG_1486If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll see my daily “stretching” pictures for #thestretchproject put on by Blogilates. I don’t know if planking counts as a stretch, but it works. I was spent Monday in a sleepy haze and tried to get stuff done for finals.

June 2

IMG_1521Tuesday I spent running around campus and preparing for a presentation that I ended up not getting to do. Everyone else is much more aggressive than I am so I would timidly offer to go next while they would just jump up. I was all dressed up cute, too. I had to run around to get a slip signed so I can get into my senior colloquium class, which has been a month long ordeal that could have taken less than a day. But, it got done.

June 3

On Wednesday all my paperwork went through and I was finally able to apply for graduation. Hopefully it will go through soon and I’ll be officially on my way to my degree.

June 4

IMG_1575Thursday was kind of my second break down of the end of the quarter. I know I already had my first one, but I can’t remember when it was. Thanks brain for blocking out bad memories! I had a presentation and then was going to do the one I was going to do on Tuesday but class was cancelled so I had to do it on Friday. I ended up getting Mexican food for dinner and devouring it all. It was necessary.

June 5



We went out with some friends on Friday. We hung out at one friend’s house for a while and then went to the bars. It was a really fun night. It was especially good since it was the Friday before finals. Good stress relief. Lots of fun times.

June 6

IMG_1613Did I mention we went out Friday night? I got maybe 2-3 hours of sleep and spent Saturday in a daze. I took a 40 minute nap, went to a Zumba class and then proceeded to sit in the sauna for a while. It made me feel better, which was good. I wasn’t hungover, just extremely tired. I then did homework, watched Shrek, the new Aziz Ansari comedy special on Netflix, and went to bed. It was a relaxing day.

How was your week?

Good luck with finals if you have them!!

Week #12 of 2015: Week of Selfies

March 15

My hair was even crazier a second before this picture.

My hair was even crazier a second before this picture.

Sunday was the last group fitness class of the quarter. One of my friend’s subbed in for my other friend and she has the most killer squat song of any of the instructors. I wanted to die. I was also fighting some kind of PMS/stomach bug so I was feeling pretty sick the whole time, but I survived. It was followed by an hour of yin yoga which was much appreciated.

March 16


This is honestly the week of selfies. I’ve been having a pretty good body image week so lots of pictures. It was finals but I’d finished 2/3 of mine by Monday and the last bit I had to do only took me 20 minutes. I met my new campus friend. She is so sweet and so happy all the time.

March 17

IMG_1172I put on the only green shirt I have on Tuesday and rocked some winged eyeliner to the theater department’s finals night which is kind of a showcase of everything that happened in the quarter. The Actor got to perform, which I always love because I rarely ever get to see his work. We went to a party afterward where I decided to try this pre-workout sample I’d gotten last time I ordered protein powder. I don’t consume caffeine except for the tiny amount in my occasional cup of green tea, and this had the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee. So instead of drinking alcohol I drank pre-workout and honestly it had a similar effect, but probably less dangerous than alcohol. And none of the gross side effects.

I also ran 3 miles and walked an additional 4th on the treadmill so I was feeling pretty good.

March 18

IMG_1176 IMG_1180


Wednesday was a very productive day. I had 2 volunteering shifts and 2 shifts at work. I also wore the ribbon that tied those flowers together around my neck and felt like a fairy or magical girl.

March 19

IMG_1181I almost forgot to take a picture so I snapped this because we don’t have enough pictures together. The several thousand from our wedding don’t count.

March 20

IMG_1182Friday was the last workout in the gym for the quarter. If my face wasn’t looking so weird this would be an awesome picture. I went pretty hard. My arms were feeling like jelly by the time I left.

March 21

IMG_1197Yesterday I ran 4.12 miles outside for the first time ever in my town anyway. I was pretty happy with it. Then we drove over to visit family and I was having a pretty body positive day so I took this picture before going to bed. I thought I’d regret it in the morning but I honestly don’t. I don’t have washboard abs. I’m not perfect but I do love my body and all that it can do. And every day I’m getting better.

How was your week?

I am now on spring break so the next week recap should be more exciting than just selfies.