Happy Christmas

Is 2016 over yet?

I have been doing nothing but working my butt off since April. My average week consists of 5-6 work days at 10-16 hours each day. Thursday night into Friday I have 6 hours between shifts so I got about 3 hours of sleep and had to work 16 hours on Friday. Suffice it to say I. Am. Exhausted.

But other than working a lot, I had been looking forward to Christmas, and since I have to work Christmas Day, my family had Christmas today.

It’s not the first year we’ve done it on Christmas Eve, but it’s the first we’ve done it out of necessity instead of excitement and impatience. I slept for about 12 hours, got up, worked out, then headed over to my mom’s.

My angsty teenage little brother sat on the couch glued to his phone while my mom and I ate pizza and caught up and then we opened gifts.

I don’t like that as we grow older the magic in our lives just disappears. Christmas used to be a sparkly, warm, magical time that I like to relive in classic movies and perfect photographs, but in reality it’s not the same as it was when we were 3. The little bit that’s left is in those traditions. Pizza as our Christmas dinner, watching A Christmas Story on repeat on TBS, watching the Disney Christmas Parade (I was there for the filming this year!!!), and eating cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast (mine are in the fridge waiting for morning).

No, Christmas isn’t the same as when I was 3, but 20 years later I’m still in love with the colorful lights, the movies and food, the traditions, and of course getting to spend time with my family and friends. I can’t believe how many people think of me to wish a Happy Christmas to and even get me a gift.

I hope that you all have a happy Christmas and take a moment to just breathe in the moments you’re spending with family.


Christmas 2014

I am very disappointed in myself for not taking more pictures this Christmas, but I was having fun enjoying the moment, so I guess memories will have to suffice. I just hope I don’t forget them.

We drove over to the coast where our families live on Christmas Eve Eve and we have been staying with my in-laws. Every year on Christmas Eve my mom and brother get together with the Actor’s family for dinner and gifts and general fun. I made cookies, and so did my father-in-law so there were plenty of sweets to go around. I’d post a picture but I ate them all.

My mom brought wine and lasagne and we all sat at the table eating delicious food and drinking, well, all but two of us who are still underage: the little brothers. I’d never had wine before, but I didn’t mind it, and it made the night more fun, I think. I don’t often drink, so one small glass is enough for me. The Actor let me try a sip of his rum and eggnog and I liked it, but since one drink gets a good buzz going, I didn’t want to risk it with two.

We opened presents and had cookies for dessert and it was all just really fun. I got these two great fitness related presents

I can’t wait to go back home so I can try out the Zumba game. I like the fitbit so far. It’s definitely keeping me more active while I’m on vacation and away from a gym.

I spent Christmas Day with my family. We went to see Into The Woods, which was amazing. Meryl Streep is queen. Then we went back to my mom’s house and had dinner and just chatted while I bothered my cat. I miss her.

It’s been a really relaxing holiday season. I am not looking forward to classes starting up again, but 2015 brings my last year ever at university. This time next year I’ll have graduated and we’ll be moving far away from our college town. It’s all really exciting and scary, so I’m definitely enjoying this last winter break with no responsibilities for the moment.

I’ve been keeping active with lots of bodyweight exercises and yoga and Zumba. I am finally over my bronchitis, and the Actor is getting better, too. That hung on for a ridiculously long time and I’m just happy it’s over. I was pretty miserable when I was sick and couldn’t work out much. Yoga is actually good for you when you have bronchitis, but for about four days I didn’t have the energy to do anything other than lie on the couch. The break was necessary, though, and I’m glad it’s over.

I hope you had a good Christmas if you celebrate it. We were able to celebrate the last night of Hanukkah with family, too. Get ready for the new year!

Christmas Survey

I keep seeing this floating around, and I miss blogging, and I feel better so I thought I would fill it out!

Egg Nog or hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate. I used to like egg nog a lot but for the past few years something about the texture just grosses me out. If it’s an egg nog milkshake, however, then I will consider it. But we have this delicious peppermint hot chocolate mix that I never use enough of but is still delicious.

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?

I don’t understand this question. Does anyone actually just place unwrapped gifts under the tree? We used to wrap the gifts and hide them until Christmas Eve and then put them under the tree before everyone wakes up, but this year since we aren’t spending Christmas at home I’ve been putting the gifts under the tree after wrapping them so we can enjoy the sight of gifts being under our tree before I have to bag them up and take them with us to our parents’.

My cat likes to sleep under the Christmas tree.

Coloured lights on tree/house or white?

Colored. White lights are boring. I do like the picturesque feel of them, but colored lights look prettier when you turn off all the lights and plug in the tree.

Do you hang mistletoe?

I don’t know anyone that actually does this unless it’s the movies, because it can be a good plot device when you’ve run out of ideas, but in reality it’s just kind of weird.

When do you hang your decorations up?

Around the end of November depending on our stress levels with school. Last year it was the beginning of November because after my mom’s episode in August and a terrible fall quarter we needed a little holiday spirit in our apartment to come home to.

What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?

Excluding dessert? I don’t really care for any holiday dishes. I guess if I had to chose it would be this stuff my mom makes that we creatively named “orange stuff” which is kind of like dessert but we serve it with dinner. Otherwise, I don’t care all that much for meat, and vegetables are always nice, rolls are good because, hey, who doesn’t like carbs, but I don’t really have a favorite.

Favourite holiday memory as a child?

It’s actually a memory of my brother. We were opening presents and he must have been 2 or 3 so I must have been 8 or 9 and he got this pack of slippers with leopards on them and a matching stuffed leopard plush doll. As soon as he saw it he told my mom she absolutely had to cut the leopard doll out of the package. He was so excited about it. She cut it out and he grabbed it and hugged it to him and immediately named it Tigery (he was 2, his lack of knowledge of cats can be forgiven). He carried that thing everywhere. We also both got Gameboy Advance SPs a few minutes later which was a huge deal in our house because video games were kind of demonized unless they were old Sega games or Tetris. He immediately announced after opening it that he was done opening presents and spent the rest of the day with his Tigery and gameboy and he was a very happy child.

What is on your Christmas wish-list?

I really want a Fitbit Surge. And lots of books.

Do you open a gifts on Christmas Eve?

Not usually, but I think we will this year.

How do you decorate your Christmas tree?

multi-colored lights and lots of random and glittery ornaments.

Snow? Love it or dread it?

I actually dread it. When it starts snowing in town I cry. I’m just not a snow person.

Real tree or fake tree?

Fake, we put up the tree too early for a real one, and real ones are a hassle.

Do you remember your favorite gift?

My favorite gift was actually fairly recent. I searched my old blog trying to find a picture of it, but it happened longer ago than I thought and I wasn’t blogging much about my relationship with my then-boyfriend on that blog yet. It was Christmas of 2010 and my then-boyfriend now-husband gave me a promise ring. I had to stop wearing it recently because the prongs were breaking off but I love that thing.

What’s the most important thing about Christmas for you?


What is your favourite holiday dessert?

Cookies! But cookies are always my favorite dessert.

What is your favourite tradition?

Watching the Disney Christmas Parade somehow. Used to be on TV but now we don’t have TV so I had to watch it on YouTube last year.

What tops your tree?

A ridiculously glittery silvery star that gets glitter everywhere when you touch it.

Which do you prefer, giving or receiving?

I feel like this is a loaded question.

What is your favorite Christmas song?

I don’t know. Almost anything if it’s sung by the rat pack I suppose. Or Michael Buble.

Candy canes, yuck or yum?

Indifferent? I don’t eat them, but if they’re in a blizzard with chocolate pieces they’re delicious.

Favorite Christmas Movie?

Love, Actually

What do you leave for Santa?

I don’t think we ever actually left anything for Santa when I was growing up. I think my mom told me she would put out cookies and then didn’t because that’s a hassle.

Do you have a Christmas morning tradition?

Nope. Right now we are still bouncing around with Christmas and changing plans every year. I guess that’s a perk of having kids. You don’t have to bounce around anymore to parents and in-laws and whatnot.

Do you prefer to shop online or at the mall?

I actually like shopping in a mall, but we don’t have a mall so I have to shop online. I do like the convenience of shopping online, but I like the whole experience of shopping in a mall.

Christmas letter or Christmas card?

Cards. Letters are annoying. I don’t care what Jimmy did this year. Send a picture with “happy Christmas!” underneath and be happy.

I realized I’ve already filled out this survey a couple years ago on my old blog. Read it here.

Happy Christmas!


Happy Christmas everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day with your families. I got up at 7:30 so my brother could open presents. I didn’t have a choice in the matter, really. He came into my room and got me. I was awake though. I had a weird dream that freaked me out. No more cake I guess. I had red velvet cake for dessert last night. That’s probably what did it. I knew I shouldn’t have had so much.

That said, though, I actually went to bed quite satisfied. I didn’t over eat or under eat. I don’t wish I’d had more or less of what I’d had. I’m actually quite proud of myself. I thought I would have a problem with Christmas because of all the treats but I actually did quite well. That makes me happy. That’s probably the best Christmas gift I could get. A vacation from my eating disorder.

More later. I’m going to go watch A Christmas Story and play Epic Mickey 2 with my brother.

Christmas Presents


Day 18: When do you open presents?

It has almost always been Christmas morning. We did it on Christmas Eve one year because my mom had to work early in the morning on Christmas Day and that felt weird. It’s also gotten to be later in the morning now, thank goodness, since my little brother has gotten closer to his teen years and doesn’t spend all night staring at the ceiling waiting for it to be 6 AM so he can come wake us all up. He’s still always up before me, though, and usually waits until 8 now to burst into my room and tell me it’s time to get up so we can open presents.

Day 5: Presents


Day 5:  Best gift you’ve ever received

That is really hard. Like life changing? I really don’t know what the best gift would be. I can’t even remember all that I got last year! I could say my iPod because it helps me do pretty much everything. Study, run, Pilates, laze. I think I’m just going to have to stick with that because I can’t think of anything else at the moment.

What about you?

My Birthday Recap 2012

So after writing that particularly depressing post about birthdays I sat on the computer, worked out, came back, showered and the lights went off in the middle of my shower because they’re on a timer so I had to walk to the other side of the large dorm bathroom, turn the light back on and finish showering. After that, though, I worked more on the invitation suite for the wedding. So here’s a recap of the whole 2-day “gala” event.

polka dot blanket

A package arrived on Friday afternoon but I didn’t check my student email in time to get it. For some reason there is a 3 hour window only on weekdays that you can pick up packages. I feel bad for the students that have classes during that window. They’ll just never get their packages. I had to wait until Monday which frustrated me because I wasn’t expecting any packages and wanted to know what it was. The Actor was waiting for the cast list for the Fall play but he got to find that out on Sunday morning and I still had to wait a whole ‘nother day! It was worth the wait though. These people are too nice.

It was super dark and my point and shoot sucks.

The Actor took me out to dinner on Monday after my late class (6 to 8pm) and we had a lovely dinner in this cute little pasta place. This town is half the size of the capital of Montana so everything here is pretty small. The pasta place closed at 9 but we were in and out in about 40 minutes. We got our food probably about 5 minutes after we ordered it and it was delicious. We shared this chocolate cake afterward that had pudding in the middle. It was ridiculous. I’m glad we shared it, too, because there was no way I would have been able to eat a whole piece myself.

Me looking ugly after showering.

Afterward I showered in my dorm and went over to his for presents. It was almost my birthday, like 10:00 by the time I was all ready and we got together again. He couldn’t wait until the actual day, and neither could I because I wasn’t going to be seeing much of him on my actual birthday.

I got a sparkly pink gift bag and a nice card with it, too. He always writes the best cards.

There was a rerun of Daily Show so we watched Friends and then said goodnight. The next day, my actual birthday was super exciting as we always know…

Things got better in the evening, though.  I got a text from the Actor around 9:40pm. It was very straightforward and forceful which isn’t what his texts are normally like so I gathered up my things and went downstairs where he was sitting with two mini Blizzards from Dairy Queen. We went back to his room to eat them and watch Daily Show and Colbert and there was a big orange cake sitting on his chair. Needless to say the end of my birthday was very nice.

We ate the cake with Dairy Queen spoons. Very sophisticated.

Today I went to the package place to pick up another package I had missed the day before.

I thought it was from my mom but it wasn’t. The one that came 30 minutes after that one was. The guy from the package pick-up place was like, “weren’t you just here?” I need to stop going there.

She knows just what I need. Now I can write random stuff on the white board outside my door, hit rapists on the way home from History, plug in all things that need to be plugged in at once, make my eyelashes beautiful, and send people kitty-cat cards!

Today has been a better day even though I had to go to my one stupid class today. I’m super tired, too, and couldn’t focus in math. At least now I have many things to procrastinate with! I did get all of my homework done today before dinner though and was very proud of myself. I’m probably going to go run after this and come back and try to be social if I’m not too sleepy. We’ll see how that goes. I honestly don’t know how my in-laws do it because they are quite possibly the nicest family I have ever met. I know nice people, but these people are just nice all around. They’re making all us normal people look bad.

Well, my brain is off into floaty land. I guess that’s my queue to go run my butt off! Did I mention how much I love having this gym nearby? I’m paying for it so I might as well use it!

Also, I am looking into the counseling services here. I think I need them. When my whole day gets turned around because of a cake you know you have problems. I just keep forgetting to call the center when they’re open. I’ll try again tomorrow.