IUD Diva no More

3 years ago I posted this about switching from the pill to an IUD and my experience with the insertion.

Well, today I got it removed. The IUD I had inserted in 2014 was called the Skyla, an IUD specifically designed for women who have never had children, therefore smaller, with less hormones, and less time to leave it in; it’s only good for 3 years.

The process was exceedingly simple. My sleepy mind, however, made it a little difficult.

Some context: I work the graveyard shift at work so I’m not home and in bed going to sleep until around 0430-0500. My appointment was at 0930, which meant I only got a few hours of sleep. And I also never go to the doctor so I don’t know how that all works. I checked in, paid what I think was my copay (they asked if I had one, I said I think so, they asked how much, and I said a number that sounded right). Then I walked into the OB/GYN area and the two receptionist ladies were busy so I just sat down. After a minute one of them asked me suddenly if I had an appointment, the hidden context being if I didn’t I needed to GTFO and why hadn’t I checked in with them when I walked in.

I don’t have the time or the money to get a certified copy of my divorce decree-thing so for the time being I still have my ex’s last name, which prompted the receptionist lady to ask me if I had any relation to my ex-mother-in-law. But, stupid tired me didn’t even realize who that was when they said her name. My brain just went, “all of your relatives are in Montana or north Seattle so no one down here knows who you are” and I said “NO” quite certainly and didn’t even put it together until I was in my little exam room.

Other than my mental embarrassment that no one knows about but me and now the entire internet, the removal took half the time the insertion took. And honestly the most painful part were the speculums. She grabbed the strings, pulled quick like ripping off a bandaid and it was done. I felt nothing. I had the tiniest cramps immediately after for maybe 20 seconds and it was done.

And now I’m currently on nothing. I want to see how my body functions hormone-free. And since I don’t plan on having any male partners for the rest of my life, pregnancy isn’t a concern, which is something they had a really hard time understanding and really made sure to drive the point home that I now am, in fact, fertile.

Will I ever get one again? I might. I get really bad periods, or I used to. In the last 3 years I had maybe 4 periods total that were barely anything. If I get my pass-out painful periods again I’ll have to go back on Skyla (assuming women can still obtain birth control in a few months but that’s another story), but if not I think I’m good letting my body be and taking ibuprofen if I need to. I really recommend it, though. If you’re thinking of getting one don’t be scared by all of the horror stories. I had the best experience on mine and won’t be upset if I have to get a second one.


Thinking Out Loud #20

Time for Thinking Out Loud!

1. I cannot wait to move out of my apartment and college town. It’s so small and backwards here that I just can’t stand it any longer. It’s hot. It’s tiny. You have to drive an hour to get a store other than Fred Meyer. It’s a mess.

2. I also cannot wait until my employment term for the summer is over. 3 weeks and a day left. I honestly am surprised that it’s Thursday because I did not think I could survive the last 4 weeks of work, and now I only have 3.

3. My foot is doing a lot better now. I was even able to go to the gym and do leg day minus a few squat jumps.

4. I am a dork and am just super duper excited for my Disneyland trip! I found out that it will be Halloween time when I’m there, and the crowds will be dead except for of course Dapper Day, but I’m just ecstatic! Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays, fall is my favorite season, and Disneyland is my favorite place, so this is going to be spectacular!


5. I’ve been watching the ABC Family show Young and Hungry on Netflix and I have just 1 episode left. I was actually pretty happy with it. It’s a lot more raunchy than I thought it would be, but I used to watch shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch on ABC Family.

6. I can’t believe that July is over already! It’s gone by so fast. But, as I mentioned earlier, fall is my favorite season and the sooner it gets here the better!

7. Also, if you’ve been following me since before fitlivelaugh, you’ll recognize this post: IUD Diva and I thought I’d put in a quick update since I haven’t since I got it in over a year ago. I’ve had a total of 3 periods and no complications! Don’t let the horror stories scare you. Obviously one method of birth control isn’t going to work for everyone, but it does work for some people. I still highly recommend it. I’m not looking forward to the removal process or the re-insertion process of a new one, but unless I find a doctor who will sterilize a 23 year old I’m gonna have to get another one.

I think that’s all for this week!

Finals Craziness

I just finished the last week of winter quarter classes. I also turned in two finals. I have one left that was due on Tuesday but the professor just extended it to Friday because apparently the entire department has all their finals on Tuesday.

I have been so busy with Zumba training, work, and final projects that I completely forgot about Thinking Out Loud until yesterday! I probably wouldn’t have had anything interesting to say, anyway, because I’ve just been trying to do one thing after another.

I’m also (tmi alert) having the worst PMS of my life. It seems my body is still getting used to my IUD, considering it’s been almost a year and I’ve only had 2 periods. I was nauseous all day yesterday, which is not uncommon if you didn’t know, especially if you get bad cramps, which I do. Today I’m dizzy and a little cramp-y. It’s fantastic. I’ve decided if some crazy thing ever possesses me to have children I’m probably just going to die because if pregnancy doesn’t kill me childbirth definitely will. (end tmi)

So since I only have 1 final left that isn’t due for another week now. I can finally relax. I’ve made it through another quarter. I only have 2 left. I’m about to go on the last spring break of my life. I’m probably gonna spend it eating, sleeping, choreographing, and running.

I promise I’ll get into a more regular schedule of blogging after this quarter is over. I’ve got a week left of work for finals week and then spring break. I need this. I’m just completely exhausted from this quarter. College needs to be done now.