Personal Goals for July 2017

All right, moving forward means I need to have a plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail they say. And I’m very good at failing to plan, which is odd because a much younger me used to plan out Christmas Day down to the minute. No lie, I wrote schedules and I put a lot of effort into them only to have them shot down as the day unfolded. Maybe that’s why I stopped planning things…

Number One: write SOMETHING every day. I doesn’t have to be for the book, although that it preferable, but it could also be a script for a video or a blog post. The important thing is I get back into the habit of writing. 

Number Two: Rejoin a gym. Let’s be honest, I liked myself a lot better when I had more muscle mass on me than less fat. Being skinny is overrated. I need to get back into lifting heavy shit. 

Number Three: Seriously try to cut back on sugar. It’s really bad for you and I have a serious addiction I need to kick. So, being more specific, only 1 cheat meal a week, and I mean it, me. Only 1. 

I think three is a good, small number, to ease me back into things. I have to take this seriously. If I ever want to be happy with what I do to pay for my food and entertainment and the small matter of a place to live then I need to put the work in now. 


Week #20 of 2015

May 10


Sunday was Mother’s Day. I FaceTimed with my mom for a bit since I didn’t go home and it was nice to talk to her. It was kind of a lazy day overall. I got the rest of my homework done and we watched a lot of Avatar the Last Airbender.

Sunday workout: 5.4 mile run

May 11

IMG_1406Monday was actually a ridiculously busy day. I was working a double shift, volunteering in two classrooms, and still had to get my workout in. In my fluster of rushing all around campus I dropped my old iPhone 4 and the glass shattered. We’d been looking into getting new phones for a while and so I took that as a sign. Once all the craziness was done with we went to our local Sprint store and both upgraded to iPhone 6’s. So expect my pictures to have a slightly higher quality. This selfie was the last photo I took with my 4. After that we went out with some friends and I ate a couple of mozzarella sticks.

Monday workout: leg day!!

May 12

IMG_1404I stayed up WAY too late Monday night watching the season finale of Once Upon a Time on Hulu so I was exhausted all day Tuesday. And those mozzarella sticks were not agreeing with me. As I keep eating healthier foods more often my body is starting to change in how it reacts to other foods. They mozzarella sticks didn’t taste as great as I remember them being and my body hated them so I’m not really craving them anymore and probably won’t be having them again any time soon. My tastes are changing. It’s kinda cool. I had my normal classes and went to bed fairly early that night.

Tuesday workout: pull day + 1 mile run

May 13

IMG_1406Wednesday I was a bit more awake than I was the day before, which was good. I had my daily green protein smoothie after my workout, I got to watch Agent Carter for my homework assignment, and overall relaxed that day.

Wednesday workout: abs, calves, and 20 min incline walk 

May 14

IMG_1405Thursday was kind of a bad day for me. I was just feeling particularly down, so the Actor went out and got me this peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard from Dairy Queen. It was okay, but I had a similar reaction to it that I had with the mozzarella sticks. I didn’t get sick, I just wasn’t that impressed and don’t have the desire to have another blizzard again, probably ever. I would be okay not having one. But it was still tasty, just not as impressive as I thought it would be. I think that if you’re going to have a calorie splurge the calories better be worth it. The food has to taste amazing or why bother. That’s just me, though.

Thursday’s workout: deadlift day

May 15


On Friday I got a lot done. I did almost all of my homework, all of the laundry, cleaned a little bit, and made fried rice for dinner. I also baked a bunch of tofu to the week. We had apple cupcakes for dessert. If you haven’t had them yet they are amazing. You can mix some milk in with peanut butter to have less calories than just using peanut butter, but we are both kind of terrible at hitting our caloric needs throughout the day so a couple extra tablespoons of peanut butter is good for us.

Friday’s workout: push day + 5k run

May 16

IMG_1409 IMG_1411

Saturday was our lazy day. I got 11 hours of sleep and caught up on all the episodes of Sailor Moon that I’ve missed, plus the new Sailor Moon Crystal episode. Then I discovered you can watch Lizzie McGuire on the Disney Channel website, so I watched two episodes of that. It was all kinds of nostalgia! We ended up going out bar hopping just the two of us last night, which was a lot of fun. We ran into a couple of friends and played that game Heads Up on their iPhone. It’s super fun. Download it if you’ve never played before.

Saturday’s workout: REST DAY

How was your week? 

What TV shows did you watch growing up?



Week #18 of 2015

April 26


On Sunday the play the Actor was working on closed so I had the day to myself. I saw the closing show, spent 2 hours in the gym, and finished up some homework.

April 27

IMG_1344Monday was actually fairly decent in terms of weather so we took a short walk around sunset.

April 28

IMG_1345I alphabetized all of the cereal at work. It lasted a day. But for that one day everything was right with the world.

April 29


A wild cat appeared! This little grey cat lives in my neighborhood and is super friendly. I have yet to buy snacks for it but I’m always so happy to see it. I don’t know who it belongs to because none of the complexes around me allow pets.

April 30

IMG_1348 IMG_1352On Thursday I made sure to eat extra clean since it was the last day of April. Then I got two holes voluntarily put in my nose. I went with some friends who also got piercings and they seemed fine but I’m pretty sure I made a pretty intense grimace each time they stuck the needle through. I also bled, which added little crimson rings surrounding the jewelry until I clean it off. But I’m very happy with them! They’re still kinda sore, but that’s to be expected.

We also saw Age of Ultron! It was fantastic. I was really happy with it.

May 1

IMG_1355Friday was spent doing homework because I had planned Saturday to be a homework free day. I got almost all of it done and then played Pokemon because it’s been forever since I picked up my DS.

May 2

IMG_1363 IMG_1365


Saturday was a cheat day of epic proportions! I had a veggie burger, 2/3 of a Corona, fries dipped in ranch, 1 cookie, 2 spoonfuls of the new Reese’s spread which is basically a Reese’s cup in spreadable butter form, 3 pieces of cheese pizza, and 1 cup of this amazing Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. It was great but I don’t plan on doing it again any time soon. The next epic cheat day probably won’t be until September when we’re in Disneyland for Dapper Day.

I had a Green Monster smoothie for breakfast this morning just to jump right back on the clean eating bandwagon.

How was your week?

What is your favorite cheat meal?


Thinking Out Loud #14: Progress


Time for thinking out loud!

If you follow me on tumblr then you know I did a Spring Cleaning Clean Eating Challenge for this month, where I was only allowed 2 total treats and basically cut out all processed foods.

clean eating challenge Spring Cleaning Goals

Well, I am in the final week now. This past week, though, was tough for me emotionally.

First, I have been lifting since I got to college, so about 3 years now and I haven’t seen a lot of progress. Most of that is due to a poor diet and not challenging myself enough because I’m afraid of dropping the weights on my head, but I assumed that after 3 years I would see at least a little more progress than I see now.

Second, some people I know have been talking about their progress and I’m over here like, “I go to the gym every day. I cut out all junk food. Why are my abs not popping?”

Third, I pulled a muscle in my shoulder last Friday and it was still hurting on Monday, so I went to the clinic where both the nurse and the doctor repeatedly told me that I did not need to be lifting. “It’s great you’re lifting weights and want to be strong,” he kept saying, “but you don’t need to be lifting anything more than 8-10 pounds. Something you can do an easy 20 reps with.” He said that at least 3 times before I left. Yeah, right.

So I was feeling kind terrible. My progress photos essentially look the same to me.

August, 2014

August, 2014

April 1, 2015

April 1, 2015 

Realistically I know I’ve lost about 7-8 pounds since August, so there is a small difference.

But also, I can run a lot more now. When the weather is nice I can run at least 5 miles outside. I can choreograph songs for Zumba. I can dance better. I can lift a little bit more. My quads and biceps are popping and more cut now than they were in August, and definitely more than they were a year ago. I’m also pretty sure I’ve lost at least 4% body fat. I’m not an expert with the calipers, but I come pretty close.

It’s important to step back when you’re feeling down and look at how far you’ve come. Not only can I run more and lift more, but I am also eating better. I can get 7-8 hours of sleep and function fine now, whereas before I needed 9-10 because I was eating so poorly my body wasn’t getting the nourishment it needed to function properly. I can eat unsweetened applesauce and taste it’s natural sweetness. Wheat bread tastes like cake now because I’ve cut out almost all added and processed sugars.

I actually had a peanut butter pie for a treat last week and didn’t really like it. There was too much sugar. It was weird. It tasted like nothing.

I may not have a six pack, but I have a body that is constantly working hard and improving. And I have made physical progress. I have more quad and calf and bicep definition. It actually looks like I have muscles in my arms now.

Physical progress is slow, especially once your body is at a good weight. When you have a lot to lose it drops off quickly, but gets harder the less you have to lose.

The next time you’re worried you haven’t made any progress, take a step back, because you’ve probably made more than you realize.

Thinking Out Loud #12

It’s time again for thinking out loud!


1. I am 2 weeks into Spring Quarter. We are getting down to the wire now. I have to apply for graduation by the beginning of July. I need to find a good paying summer job so I can gtfo when I graduate. I have 2 quarters left. This one and fall. Kind of terrifying.

2. I am currently working on listening to my body more. I’m on antibiotics right now which is making my athletic performance kind of suck and I’m trying to just accept that and give my body what it needs. I ran 38 minutes today, 3.96 miles. I kind of want to beat myself up for it but I did try one last push to get to that 4th mile and I was just feeling awful so I stopped and went home.

3. I am almost a third of the way through this 30 day clean eating challenge and I’m surprised how easy it is. I meal prep on the weekends for lunches and we plan out dinners, and it’s great. Will is in on it, too, which helpful. It’s hard to eat healthy when your husband isn’t so I’m really glad he’s doing this with me.

4. I’m taking a writing for TV class right now, and we’ve only met twice cause the professor is out of town, but I’m very excited for it. I can’t believe I already have only 8 weeks left of class, but I’m excited.

5. Other than being excited for classes, I’m mostly excited for summer. I need a break from school. I have been taking classes almost nonstop since fall 2013 because I took classes during summer last year. I need a break. I need to just have a job to worry about so I can go home at night, eat, and get down to writing and working on my portfolio before I move to LA.

6. So, the whole Zumba thing isn’t going to happen right now. I am certified. I’m going to keep my certification and keep choreographing, but as far as having my own class that doesn’t look like a possibility right now. I’m going to apply in gyms when I move, but right now, just, not here.

7. In my last post I wrote about going to counseling, and I did, and it was iffy. I have another appointment tomorrow but I don’t think I’m actually going to go back after that.

8. It’s spring and I am so happy for the sunny, warm weather! I’m working breakfast this quarter so I get to see the sunrise and it’s just so nice.

That’s all I have to ramble about right now. Those are the snippets from my mind.

Week #14 of 2015

I need to get on the blogging game, guys. Sorry!

March 29 


Sunday, we went to the gym and overall just relaxed one last time before the madness of college started up again. I didn’t take a picture until before bed so here is my stack of journals and my Japanese-English dictionary. 日本語をはんします。Well, kind of. I’m working on it.

March 30


I felt fabulous in my cut up T-shirt and leggings on my leg day, Monday. It was nice to get back to heavy lifting after a week of non-stop cardio. I started my new shift at work and I’m surviving.

March 31


I got a surprise package in the mail from my dad. He sent me more tsum tsums cause you can never have too many! And they’re just adorable. Classes also started, but since it was the first day I only spent about 30 minutes in each one.

April 1


I knew it was April Fool’s Day, which I hate, but it actually wasn’t too terrible this year. I went to a Zumba class and got super sweaty because the room was jam packed full of people. I took this selfie after. Somehow my eyeliner survived. It’s a mystery. It isn’t even waterproof.

April 2


I meal prepped on Sunday so this was my lunch all week. Steamed veggies, brown rice, and hard boiled eggs. It was delicious every day and very nutritious.

April 3


Friday was a “J” party in an alphabet party series some friends are having so I dressed as Joan from Mad Men because she is awesome and the final episodes start tonight! I am ecstatic! I have been waiting a year. Mad Men is one of my favorite show. And that pen necklace is actually very practical.

April 4

IMG_1286 11096950_759420220843505_247042289_n

I got to go on a 3-legged Easter egg hunt with my Japanese exchange-student friend Saturday morning. I guess there isn’t an Easter culture in Japan so she was excited. We got lots of candy that I will be giving away at work tomorrow so as to avoid temptation during this 30 day clean eating challenge I’m in. I did have 1 mini chocolate egg, and I enjoyed it thoroughly, and did not feel the need to have more. 4 days in and going strong. I did not consider that tiny egg a cheat because it was just 1 and it was a special occasion. If I’d been sitting on my couch in my living room that would have been a different story.

Happy Easter!

Thinking Out Loud #11

Thursdays are for thinking out loud!


1. I have all of my grades for Winter Quarter. All A’s and I now have a 3.48 GPA. SO close to a 3.5. It’s frustrating how easy it is to drop your GPA but so difficult to raise it. I’m hoping by the time I graduate I’ll have a 3.5. Those 2 C’s I got freshman year just keep dragging me down.

2. I spent this break doing a lot of active things, like running my longest run to date on Tuesday and finally choreographing enough songs to hit a 45 minute playlist so now I have a suitable length playlist ready for whenever I am ready to teach Zumba.

3. I did some Pop Pilates this week, which is what got me into fitness. Cassey Ho’s bubbly personality and her killer workouts helped me when I was in recovery and essentially lead me to the decision to become a fitness instructor myself. It was really nice to get back into doing some of my old stuff. I even created a schedule for next quarter so I get to do her videos more than I have in the past.

4. IMG_1221 IMG_1222

I went for a quick run this morning cause I’m getting brunch with my best friend soon. It was sunny and damp and beautiful. I’m really going to miss running here.

5. Our Spring Break is almost over. I hate that it’s only a week long. I wish we were like other countries that gets longer breaks more frequently instead of the crazy 3 month break for summer. We don’t farm anymore. We don’t need that break. I’d gladly settle for a month break every now and then rather than 3 all at once. I get bored about halfway through summer and get excited for school again.

6. Speaking of school I only have 2 quarters left before I graduate. I can’t believe I’m already almost done with college. I had lunch with some friends yesterday and we were talking about grad school and finding real jobs and it’s just crazy how time has gone by. I met them in middle school when we were 12, so almost 10 years ago. Time really flies.

7. clean eating challengeI am hosting a 30 day clean eating challenge starting April 1st on my tumblr which is written in the image and if you click on the image it should take you there. All of the details are on my tumblr if you are interested in joining. I’ve definitely gotten better at clean eating but need a little extra push.

I think I’m going to stop here because I am hungry and need to get some brunch! Have a fantastic Thursday/Friday!