Back to the Grand Writing Project

I’m spending my evening in the past and my imagination. Yep, I’ve started writing again. I joined a screenwriters club at my uni and have a secret project I hope to reveal in the next few days to you all. It’s been a good Saturday so far, which is good because this week wasn’t too terribly great. On Monday I had what we’ve decided was a random stomach bug (I just can’t escape getting sick every 4 weeks apparently) and had terrible stomach cramps at work, but then I found saltines and snuck about 8 of them between ringing up customers and felt better. Since then I’ve off and on had a dullish pain my lower abdomen, which unfortunately (I could tell) switched from that stomach bug, which only lasted about two or three days max, to pms. Isn’t being a woman just great? But then yesterday the Actor and I had a date night, and I’ve got to remember to document those more. I’ve taken like no pictures of our first year of marriage and that’s not ok because we’ve only got like a month and tarewo weeks left before our anniversary. Time to pull out the camera!

We went to the gym as we’ve been doing pretty much every weekday, then took quick showers and went to a cute little Chinese restaurant in town, then we saw The Grand Budapest Hotel which was good if you don’t mind movies that don’t follow the standard conventions, make you think a little bit more, and are familiar with Wes Anderson’s films and have enjoyed them in the past. There was a group of about five assholes in the theater with us. I say “assholes” because they deserve that title. The moment the film cut to credits one of them, without missing a beat, announced, “That was the stupidest movie I’ve ever seen,” and the others agreed and continued to bash it along with Napoleon Dynamite for some reason. There was another couple in there with us that didn’t say a word and I assume at least enjoyed their evening. Then, that group got up and left, leaving behind bags of half eaten popcorn and all of their drinks. Yep. Assholes. But the movie was really good. I’ll admit that it isn’t for everyone. If you like independent films you’ll probably enjoy this. I could rave about it, but that’s not what this post is about. Maybe later.

Anyway, you have no idea how excited we are to move out of this town.

Which, by the way, I’ve decided that if I can get enough aid to take summer classes this year because it ensures early graduation. I could be done either Summer or Fall quarter of 2015 if I want if I can take summer classes this year. They’re only 6 weeks long, but you get the same amount of credits, and they’re offering several classes I need to take. I would be able to switch into my new major come the start of Fall quarter, too, instead of having to wait until Winter. The Actor has decided to join me because he has quite a few classes left and only one more year (we both refuse to be 5th year seniors). So that’s a good thing I discovered this week. I also found $20 in my apartment. I love finding money you already had but forgot you had. One of my friends used to find money in her pants pockets nearly every day in the 6th grade, and by my freshman year of high school random money would show up in my purse that I know I didn’t have before. That was right after my father moved out, so I know it was him.

Today, though, has been a very good day. I slept fairly well and got to sleep in, though I only slept an hour later than normal, probably because I didn’t stay up last night. Then I got three quarters of my homework done, which mainly involved watching Back to the Future and writing about its structure. I love being a film major. We don’t go as deep as I’m used to with film analysis, but it’s still nice that my homework is to watch movies I like. Then I cleaned the apartment and reorganized a few things so it looks like we have more space. After that I did an hour of Blogilates, which I haven’t done in a very long time. It’s always nice to switch things up. Now I’m listening to Big Band/Swing music on Pandora while I work on my secret writing project.

Well, I better get to writing!


Into a World Much Less Complicated…

I’ve been feeling my life fall into a routine now that we’re half way through Spring Quarter. I get up at nine every morning except Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, unless I’m back home, anyway. I go to work, or finish up homework before my honors class. I work out afterward, either weight training or Pop Pilates depending on the day. I go to art or am done with the day. The Actor is now in rehearsal for four hours every night as the debut of Jesus Christ Superstar comes closer. It premiers on May 10th, which also happens to be the day that The Great Gatsby comes out. If my town is doing a midnight showing I’m going to see that, otherwise I’ll have to wait another day or so, which would make me sad. I’m actually going to pre-order the soundtrack, and I never pre-order anything. The Great Gatsby is my favorite book, with Pride and Prejudice second, and The Beautiful and the Damned in third.

I spend my evenings working on the flowers for the bouquets: Photo0435don’t judge, they look really pretty all together.

After I assemble a dozen or so flowers, I finish up any homework I still have to do, and then I write for at least an hour. The title is a fragment of a line from it, but I also thought it fit today’s post. Right now, while I am worrying about finding a place to live and a job because they decided I actually can’t work at my current job over the summer because I’ll be on my honeymoon for the first week, life right is decidedly calm. Am I doing great in my classes? Not really. I’m at about a C or B average right now, but that doesn’t bother me. The A student I used to be kind of disappeared. I’ve got more important things to worry about, like living. I’ll probably be upset if I fail, but being the absolute best in subjects I’m not passionate about doesn’t matter to me anymore. I guess the world I live in is still complicated, but I’m not making it more complicated than it needs to be.

The Actor got a hair cut for the first time all year. Stupid people in the theatre department that wouldn’t let him get it cut.

imageYesterday was Earth Day and there were people outside the dining hall giving out free plants. So I got one, and I’m determined not to let it die. So far so good.

Photo0445 I went home over the weekend, just to see my family. I missed them. We’re nearing 6 weeks from the wedding now, and even though we don’t have our own place yet, we know we won’t be moving back home. If we can’t get our own place now a friend has offered to let us live with her until August when leases start to open up. So either way we’re staying in this college town, and we won’t be returning home. That’s an odd thought.

Photo0444 My cat is going to be 11 this year, which makes her almost 60 in cat years. I just thought she was too adorable in this picture not to share. She was pretty pleased that I was back home with her, and I almost stuffed her in my suitcase when we were leaving. One way or another I will have my cat with me.

Photo0448 While most of the invitations were sent out about three weeks ago, I forgot one. We just had to invite Mickey and Minnie Mouse. You get a cute little post card they sign, and I thought that would make a cute keepsake, especially since we’re honeymooning in Disney.

Photo0449 I bought a pair of lifting gloves last week and they finally came today. I am really happy with them, they look great. I got them off of Etsy at ME2 Designs. She has some really great stuff in there, but the only purchase I could justify were these gloves because of all the lifting I do now, and I’ve already started getting some callouses. No fun. They are women’s size small, but my ring size is 3 and 1/2 so naturally they are a little big on me. I have a child’s hands. It’s weird. I wear a size 5 in shoes, too. Those parts of me just didn’t want to grow I guess.

Well, that’s about it, really. I just had a lot of pictures to share mainly. Nothing deep or anything. I should have new progress pics up by the end of this week, even though I don’t really feel like I’ve made too much visual progress. I’ve upped my weights a lot, but I don’t think you can tell a difference. Have a great week!


Loving Me

After I finished my particularly stressful art project (which was nothing to stress over, the prof is just a really hard grader, and very vague with his instructions. It is my opinion that grad students should never teach classes), I felt instantly better. I have a new one that is particularly time consuming but I’ve got the weekend to work on it, and then I have another one. It never ends. But, it makes the weeks go by really fast. I’ve got midterms next week and one more the week after. I’m already half way through this quarter. What? Yeah, it’s insane. I am also a sophomore now according to my credits so no more waiting an extra week to register for classes! After that project was done I’ve just felt great. I’ve been working on things for the wedding, I’ve been writing again (which might actually turn into a series), and I really, really love my body right now.

If you follow me on tumblr you’ll know I am just obsessed! I honestly keep staring in the mirror, and I can’t believe I’ve gotten to this point in only three weeks just by incorporating heavy lifting. Okay, heavy for me, which is like 40 pounds and upward to maybe 60. But I’m getting stronger. I seriously pretty much have the body I wanted to achieve through restricting. I know that I restricted for reasons unrelated to my body image, but this is what I was going for and what would determine whether or not I was a failure. I’m not even doing a lot of cardio. I cross train with Pop Pilates on my off days from weight lifting, and I do a 30 minute interval run on Sundays (which is totally killer). I haven’t taken any progress pics this week. I want to take them every other week, on the even weeks. Maybe that’s too much. Honestly, you guys, I love my body, and I love what I’m learning about healthy clean eating through this. I knew that eating clean was important, but now I know how to put meals together so they’ll be really beneficial to me and I love it! I am so excited, you have no idea. I’m getting a little bored of the few options I have on campus, but I don’t have much longer to deal with that.

Yep, on Saturday we’re 50 days from the wedding. I’ve spent my free time today working on our guest book and DJ music planner. I’ve got all the formal songs figured out, and a list of must play songs put together. It’s all coming together. We’re getting RSVP’s and my entire family has already RSVP’d and I sent them out two weeks ago! They are very prompt people. My dad’s side hasn’t responded, but as far as I’m concerned, they’re not family. None of them bother to keep in touch with me. Though, one of his sisters is fairly nice to me, but the rest of them don’t really care. We’ve also paid the rest of the balance on the honeymoon, so it’s all set, and we couldn’t be more excited. I mean, come on, Walt Disney World? How can you honeymoon anywhere else? Oh, we’re going to be so tired.

I think I’ve covered every topic I usually write about in this one post tonight. Cool. What’s not cool is all the terrible things going on in the world right now. I think the whole Boston thing has people more angry than anything. We all want to know who did this and bring them to justice. One of my friends tweeted, “Stop blowing stuff up, it’s rude,” after she found out. Seriously, it just has me irritated. I am sending good thoughts to those recovering, and I am sorry for the families and friends of those who lost loved ones. But like so many others in the fit community, I am going to keep running, and I know that one day all those who were injured will run again.

In Other Worlds

It’s so nice to be home and be on break. I’ve been able to make real scrambled eggs (they do not serve real eggs at school, but they’re not egg replacers either. They’re some weird chemically thing) and toast (you also cannot get toast at school. I don’t know why) and eat good, real food. I’ve been able to sit on the couch in my pj’s until eleven which is when I go to Pilates. I’ve been able to talk with my mom for hours and watch Live with Kelly and Michael with her in the mornings. I’ve been able to cuddle with my kitty who has been so happy that I’m home. I went to Target today. I missed that place. I’m really sad that I’ll have to go back to uni on the 24th but for now I’m going just enjoy being home. It’ll be weird when this isn’t home anymore. My mom is planning on moving out in the summer after I clear out all my stuff and the wedding. The house is honestly a dump, not because we don’t take care of it because we do to the best of our ability, it’s just really old and falling apart and the landlord doesn’t do much about it. It’s been home for eight years which is the longest I’ve lived anywhere, but it’s still a dump. Still, I’ll be sad to leave it. I always cry when we drive back to uni at the end of our visits.

Being home also means I have time to do things I like to do. I’ve gotten back into my Pilates routine, and today I even drew for a little bit in my sketch book. I’m starting a brand new novel that I spent my entire last day of work piecing together, and I’m really excited about it. I decided to try sketching all of the characters so I can keep descriptions straight. I always have a hard time remembering if someone has blue eyes or green. Unless they’re a major character, and even then sometimes I have trouble. Once I’ve spent a year with them I usually have them straight, but for now sketching is probably best. It’s like when you make a new group of friends. Sometimes you can’t remember one person’s name, or if they have one eye color or another, or if their hair is blond or brown, unless you see them of course. You don’t have that problem? Just me? Okay.

I love writing, though. I’ve got a whole page written of the plot overview an one page done so far of the actually novel, and with the sketching and everything I spend a lot of time in their world. I like getting to go to other places in my head and just be so caught up in them that it’s like the rest of the world melts away. The first novel I ever finished was written over the summer prior to my freshman year of high school. I remember a countryside, and bright sunny days in a two story house, and an old billiards hangout. I remember that more than where I actually was: sitting at the old desktop computer during cloudy summer days while babysitting my brother. I remember spending it with those characters, like I was a friend along for the ride.

That’s what I love about writing. Even if it’s not spectacular or sell-able, I love getting to be immersed in another world, one that I can’t just get in a car and drive to. I love getting to just escape for a little while simply by opening up Word and clicking some keys. I get to go on an adventure and let my mind run wild. I love that. I can’t really explain how it makes me feel other than completely free.

Day 4: Music, Music, Music

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve been secretly listening to the Christmas station on Pandora since October.


Day 4: Favorite Christmas Song

This song and this song:

Are probably my favorites.

Well, today is the first day of finals week. I just have to go turn in a paper by two and that’s all I have to do. I could go do that now but it’s warm in my room and the building is so far away… I’ll go at lunch though. I am also submitting a short story for publication in my uni’s literary journal. I really hope that they pick it!

Happy National Cookie Day everyone!

Also, still facing the DL or WDW dilemma. Any thoughts?

Hell Week and Novels

I’m not sure if it’s this week or next that is “Hell Week”. This week is the week before finals which means presentations and preparing for final papers. Then next week I have finals and final papers to turn in. I actually only have 1 actually exam which I plan to study for on a stationary bike in the gym probably starting tomorrow. As for it being “Hell Week” for me I don’t feel it. I have a paper due Friday that I’m just breezing through slowly. It feels a lot like the average week in high school honestly. I’ve been so spoiled all quarter with all kinds of free time. I’m not feeling particularly pressured and/or stressed though which is good.

I actually got to do an hour of Pop Pilates this evening which made me feel great. I love getting my sweat on in the uni gym on the treadmill watching Ellen but there is something so great about Cassey Ho. She just leaves me feeling so uplifted and tired and sore. I fell out of my Pop Pilates routine when Fall Quarter started but I think that next quarter no matter what I’m not going to let it get away from me. It’s so much more fun than going to the gym and lifting weights with people all around you. Now I remember why I want to become a personal trainer and Pilates instructor.


Today I officially validated the word count on my NaNoWriMo novel. It hasn’t been touched since I hit 50,000 words and I really want to get back into it. I’m currently working on a short story I will submit for publication in my uni’s literary journal, but otherwise I don’t have much time to work on my novel right now. I think I’ve had the break I needed. Everyday for 1-2 hours a day was just too much, but I am ready to get back to it. I wish I had the time. Maybe during final’s week since I only have 1 exam and the others are papers I will most likely have done over the weekend. My exam in on Thursday so I won’t have too much else to do. That sounds like a plan.

So, once that novel is officially finished that will make my 4th completed novel. I actually completed 4 different versions of my 1st novel but those don’t count since I threw them all out in the end (figuratively. I still have the digital files). The second I wrote in my sophomore year of high school and the third I wrote last year. So this will be the fourth. I wonder what will the fifth will be like. I feel like I should celebrate when I finish that one. Writing five novels before 23 is an accomplishment. F. Scott Fitzgerald didn’t have a novel written until he was 23. Of course, his novels are much better than mine.

I would like to go back and re-touch those first two novels. The first one I have never been satisfied with but I recently thought of something that I might enjoy. I spent 3 years with those characters so they’re very dear to me and I wouldn’t mind working with them again. The second one I was never satisfied with either.

Gosh I love writing.

I got into Intro to Creative Writing next quarter. I don’t think I need an intro if I take into account all of the writing I have done and how many books on fiction writing I have studied, but I also don’t think it would hurt to take it. I also have to take it for my major so I guess it’s a good thing I’m taking it.

I am so excited for this quarter to be over. I’m not nervous about my finals at all. I’m pretty confident about it all. I don’t feel stressed. I guess I’ll have to wait until next quarter to really experience “Hell Week.” For now I think I’m going to go write.

I Am Cady Pryce

That was when I discovered weight loss.
Dancing all day long I could lose what appeared to be two pounds. When I couldn’t I would scream into a pillow and cry. Why wasn’t I good enough? It was so instant and I loved it. I couldn’t write well enough, I couldn’t act well enough, I couldn’t sing well enough, I couldn’t do anything well enough to please him, and therefore myself. But I could lose weight. It would just take a few hours a day and I could lose a couple pounds. I could get away without eating during the day easily because he didn’t care. I would never be good enough at anything for him to love me, but I could lose weight. I was good at something even if it meant I was good at killing myself.

– from Love>”Perfection”

Most of this book is directly from my life. The emotional parts and back story are, just not the rest of it. I am Cady Pryce, and that’s why it hurts so much to write this. It’s awkward because I’m typing in my dorm room with my roommate behind me and I’m trying not to cry. This part is true. This was my life. This was how I felt and how I thought and what I did. It’s why I write and why I gave up on dreams I constantly want to revisit, especially now that I’m in college and have so many doors of opportunity open for me. I wanted to write this book and I still do. I don’t think it will ever not be painful. It comes from the heart, therefore it is true. The truth hurts, though.

I know that all too well, why else would I enjoy writing fiction so much?