Extreme Biggest Weight Loser

(First post! Yay!)

So, Tuesday night was the finale of The Biggest Loser. Rachel was the winner, which I was happy about because she really worked hard. Not to say that the others didn’t. I would have been happy no matter who won. The problem is the way that people are responding to her weight loss.

According to BMI charts, her current weight (105) for her height (5’4) puts her underweight. So what if she is. The point of the competition was to see who could lose the most weight, which she did. It’s no one’s place to judge and say “she’s too thin!” or anything along those lines.

First, I don’t like a lot of things about The Biggest Loser. I don’t like how they value the weight so much. When people started losing 1, 2, 3, 4 pounds in a week it was like the worst thing that had ever happened to them, when in the real world, that is fantastic. Losing 15 pounds a week is not realistic nor sustainable, and I do not like how the show makes people think that it is. They paint exercise in this negative light with the trainers screaming at them, and the contestants whining and throwing up. I’m sorry, but exercise is fun. There are some days when I would rather take a nap, but I enjoy working out. I enjoy the feeling it gives me, and I enjoy knowing that I am taking care of my body. It is not helping anyone who does not exercise become more motivated to by painting it in such a negative light. I love the trainers. I really do, I just wish that things worked differently. It is not a realistic show to say the least, and I really only watched it this season as a way to procrastinate my homework.

Second, money was the prize for losing weight. Rachel won. She lost the most weight. She was “the biggest loser” and after seeing her dedication throughout the season this really isn’t surprising. Was she engaging in dangerous behavior to get there? We don’t know. The only person that knows is Rachel. Is she underweight? Well, probably. According to BMI charts she is. Does this mean she has an eating disorder? No. It could indicate one, but it does not mean she has one. We don’t know if she does or does not, and really, it is not anyone’s business. She won the competition. The whole point was to lose weight and by golly she did it.

It is human to judge. We all judge everyone on some level, but it is rude to use the passive voice instead of the active when judging her, if you must judge her in public (this includes the internet. The internet is public). Don’t say, “she looks anorexic!” one, because anorexic is not a look, it’s a serious mental disorder, and two, because you’re making her the focus when really the focus is you and your opinion. You should say, if you must say something (if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all) “I think she looks too thin.” She is a person and she did an amazing job. I am happy that she found the strength and motivation in her to lose that weight to try and become healthy.

Maybe she lost so much because it is easier for men to lose than women, so she wanted to make sure she had the best chance to win against the two other male finalists. Who knows? I don’t! You probably don’t.

Really, it doesn’t matter. She won the game show. She’s not dangerously overweight anymore. Good for her! Maybe instead of focusing on her results you should focus on yours. It is her body. It is her life and she can do what she wants with it. Obviously the remainder of the weight she lost was not under the supervision of any of the trainers or anyone affiliated with The Biggest Loser (If I’m wrong and she was, please let me know!), so the show is not responsible for this at all. Their rules state that whoever loses the most wins. There needs to be a revision to focus on being at a healthy weight, and also to stop focusing so much on weight. I weighed 94 pounds once and was very underweight. Today I weigh 120 and am slimmer than I was at 94. Weight and BMI charts are poor indicators of health.

Focus on yourself. Focus on your own health, weight, waist size, muscle gains, strength gains, etc. It does not matter whether or not you think she is “too thin.” Let her worry about her, and you worry about you. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and stress and may even end up healthier and happier for it. Personally, I’m happy for her, but I’m not going to bother with anything else concerning her. She won, congratulations! She really worked hard and deserves it. Now the show is over and it’s time to focus on other things.