Getting (Veg)ucated

Vegucated is one of my favorite vegan documentaries because it informs you while also taking you on a journey with real people making the transition to veganism for the first time. Well, they are kind of just thrown into it and it’s a challenge to be vegan for a period of time, but you still get non-vegan people with all of the common perceptions and biases about veganism and watch them change. It’s just very real which I think makes the concept of veganism more approachable and appealing.

I’d watched all of those vegan documentaries on YouTube prior to fully making my vegan transition back in August/September of last year, but I decided to watch Vegucated again the other day.

I ended up in a ball on the floor sobbing and squishing my cat to my chest which I think she appreciated for, like, a second. She purred a little bit. That kinda cheered me up.

Would I love for everyone in the world to go vegan? Yes. Do I expect that to happen? No. There are a lot of people who are ok not knowing about what happens to other lives and that’s fine. We all have the right to be as informed or as ignorant as we want. And some people in certain countries just cannot do it. But in America where we have a choice, I think that’s the one we should be making.

I am incredibly poor. Not the poorest, but I do struggle to pay my bills, especially with an asthmatic cat who needs expensive cat inhalers. But I still manage to maintain a vegan diet. I eat oatmeal, lots of bananas, green salads, and sweet potatoes and frozen veggies. I buy my own groceries and spend probably $10-20 per trip per week as long as I’m not buying like makeup or socks along with that.

Basically, go check out and any other vegan information your little fingers can google and if you decide that it’s something you’re interested in, go for it. If not, keep researching, because the combination of animal and human lives we could save by not eating animal products is too great to ignore.



I’m gonna be honest.

Not that I’ve ever lied on here that I know of. Maybe about my intake when I recovering. Sorry, guys.

Anyway, since graduating from college I’ve been a constant ball of anxiety and depression. I thought I had a good paying job, but they let me go without notice. Then, I thought I found something ok but the pay was too little for the amount of work I was doing and the hours were way too few. I played phone and email tag with another job for months before I finally got a response. But now, everything has come together. I am about to finish my in class training and start on the job training on Saturday. It’s good pay, it’s what I want to be doing for work while I develop my writing and other projects, and it’s something that I can stay at for many years if I have to/want to.

It took 4 and a half months but I finally made it. I’m finally an adult and I can finally get my stuff in order. Since my job hunt was so long and stressful I kind of let my diet fall to the side. If I was stressed and wanted junk I had it. My waistline has suffered a little bit. I still work out, but you know what they say: you can’t out exercise a bad diet. So this week I have kicked my diet back into gear. Every morning I eat oatmeal in some flavor and bring tea to work. I meal prepped a bunch of amazing salads on Sunday that I’ve been having for lunches at work, and when I get home I eat dinner with protein and veggies, work out, and finish my night with banana ice cream.

My diet is back in check, and I’m getting more passionately back into veganism. I did slip up a few times with dairy but never meat. Now I’m back 100%. My stressful times are not an excuse to promote animal suffering by eating animal products, but I know better now and am moving on from my mistake. Next time things get rough I have a plan and know what to do.

I am reconnecting with my body and my mind by taking care of my health and getting back into my creative goals. I have a job that will help us with our expenses tremendously. Now it’s my turn to focus back on my dreams. In my spare time of course.

This is my life. I’m not going to waste it.

Journey to Vegan so far

So far I’ve done very well. There are a few things that I’ve eaten that aren’t vegan, but I try to focus more on getting all the nutrients I need rather than obsess over whether or not one ingredient was vegan. If I get my 8 servings of fruits and veggies and adequate protein in a day I’m happy.

IMG_2112 IMG_2113

On Monday we drove to Seattle for my best friend’s birthday and I had this salad that was called, like, Green Goddess or something and it had cheese on it but other than that it was free of animal products and delicious. I wasn’t angry about the cheese. By October I’ll be more picky about it, but for now it’s fine. Oh yeah, and I had a dirty shirley or two with dinner. The Actor ordered mac and cheese because he is not going vegan and I thought it looked too pretty to not take a picture of. Plus, everyone else was photographing their food.



We are dorks and have decided to only make funny faces in our pictures from now on. I doubt that will go over well during the holidays when family wants to take nice pictures of us.


We stopped at Johnny Rockets on Tuesday before driving back home and I had a salad without the cheese because I’ve never liked cheddar on a salad. I feel like it’s not an appropriate salad cheese. I also had a milkshake because Johnny Rockets has the best milkshakes. The last dairy milkshake I ever have has to be good.

It might not be the last milkshake I ever have.

DSCN0986 DSCN0987

We got these last year at the Ghiradelli soda fountain and chocolate shop in California Adventure and since we’re going in 5 days I might have to get one there. But I’m not sure yet.

Today so far I’ve had oatmeal with raisins and craisins because I’m out of apples and don’t really want to go grocery shopping. I had a smoothie bowl of spinach, kale, protein powder, peanut butter, and banana. I’m gonna have a giant salad soon and then whatever we decide on for dinner.

The real challenge will be keeping this up when college starts later this month, but I’m determined to keep it up!