Dapper Disney Trip Day 3

I realize this was really like day 5, but I don’t count the first two days on the road because nothing happened and it was kind of boring except for the copious amounts of Lady Gaga and Tim Minchin music.

Anyway, Dapper Day!

IMG_2306 IMG_2309

Morning, my hair looked super cute all pinned to my head, but they had to be undone and boy were they fluffy! I didn’t bring any hairspray so I just left them so that the California humidity could calm them down and hopefully they could get to a nice level by the end of the day.


The outfit


We made weird faces on rides.


Obligatory photo at the hub


See? my hair looks so much better now!


People actually laughed when they saw us in this picture.



So that’s that! Plus the video that is lacking a point, but I hope you like it.


Dapper Disney Trip Day 2


I took a really nice selfie for the instagram challenge I’m doing. My hair didn’t stay in the bun, though and I had to resort to a pony tail.


I had my first PSL. It was from Disney so it was delicious.


And of course I had to have a Dole Whip because they are amazing. We went to Disneyland first because we had early entry there. We didn’t really get to use it though because it was really crowded. Disneyland still draws a much larger crowd than California Adventure, so we ended up just waiting for rope drop with everyone else and rode the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay Haunted Mansion since it was either broken or way too long of a wait any other time we tried to ride it. Pirates was closed the entire time we were there which still makes me sad because it is my all time favorite ride in Disneyland.


Sleeping Beauty Castle was gorgeous and I’m really proud of this shot.


We went over to California Adventure and rode the Tower of terror again then stopped for coffee and I had the seasonal salted caramel mocha frap. I was not 100% vegan on this trip. While Disney does offer a select few vegan options, it’s not enough for me to survive off of so I didn’t try. I at 70% vegan with a few vegetarian things thrown in. I do know that the soft pretzels are vegan, and it was okay.

IMG_2249 IMG_2252

We went back over to Disneyland and rode a few things before camping out to watch the new parade and fireworks show.

IMG_2260 IMG_2264 IMG_2269 IMG_2274 IMG_2293 IMG_2296

Dapper Disney Trip Day 1

I’m gonna skip the drive because it was just long and boring. We stopped over in Redding and ate and slept then got back on the road. We stayed at the Disneyland hotel in the Frontier tower which is the closest one to the Paradise Pier hotel.


We went to Naples in Downtown Disney for dinner and split a pizza.


The next day we got early entry into California Adventure and went on the Tower of Terror first. The guy who loaded us into the elevator was the best! He came out while we were all on our little squares for seating and every time I made eye contact with him he gave me a creepy little smile and nodded. Then he singled out the Actor and me during the safety spiel and just did it in the creepiest way. Then before the door closed he looked at us like “what?” it was great!

IMG_2194 IMG_2195 IMG_2198

We went over to Disneyland after going on Radiator Springs Racers, California Screamin, and Toy Story Midway Mania and lunch.

IMG_2205 IMG_2208 IMG_2210 IMG_2213

I got to see one of the cats of Disneyland sleeping on a rock by Big Thunder Mountain. It was so cute! We got to go on a bunch of stuff, totaling about 15 rides in the entire day, and we even stopped riding stuff around 7 when we went to stake out a spot for the new World of Color Celebrate show!

I really liked it. There are some mixed reviews about it, but I thought it was really cool. I missed the original and stuff, but this show was more about Walt Disney and celebrating everything he has done, whereas the original show was more showing off the cool new thing they could do with water and graphics and lights.

The park closed immediately after so we went back to our hotel, but met up with some friends later and went to In N Out. It was a good first day, but I was exhausted. Those beds in the Disneyland Hotel feel like clouds! I slept great.

Disneyland August 25-27

It had been almost 2 years since I was last at the Disneyland Resort, which is 2 years too many for me. 🙂 We flew down Sunday night and had dinner at the Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney. I got the chicken bacon avocado wrap, which I thought was really good, and my mom was very excited about her BLT. I guess she ate a meal there every day after that. My husband and I were more excited about the food in the parks, but it was still really good. 

We went to DCA on Monday because my husband had never seen Cars Land. We got engaged in Disneyland about 2 days before the grand opening of DCA 2.0. The line for RSR was maybe 20 minutes, 30 minutes tops, so not too bad for a ride that still has long wait times. 

DSCN0937 DSCN0939 DSCN0946

Afterward we rode Tower of Terror and a bunch of other rides in DCA before going over to Disneyland. The longest wait in the entire trip was for RSR on Monday morning. After that we never waited more than 15 minutes for a ride. The line for Splash Mountain said 25 minutes, but the line plus the ride took a total of 24 minutes, and the ride itself is at least 10. 

DSCN0949 DSCN0954

We ate lunch at the Blue Bayou Restaurant, the one inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It was so pretty and the food was delicious. In my opinion, it was totally worth the price. Because you’re not just paying for food. You’re paying for delicious food in a whole other world. It’s an experience. It’s a show. It’s delicious and worth it. 

DSCN0956 DSCN0957

A picture at the spot at the hub in front of the castle where we got engaged. 




DSCN0967 DSCN0968 DSCN0969 DSCN0972 DSCN0976 DSCN0978


We ended the night with the Magical fireworks show and then walked to our shuttle to take us back to our hotel. I don’t really like not staying on property, but it was a nice hotel so it wasn’t too bad. Plus after a week of taking shuttles to and from in Walt Disney World, I was kind of used to it. 

DSCN0989 DSCN0990 DSCN0992 DSCN0995 DSCN0997 DSCN1001

Our last full day was spent riding twice the amount of rides we would normally go on during the busy season (seriously, end of August/start of September is one of the best times to go crowd wise), watching performances at the Mad T Party, and seeing the World of Color. I was really rather impressed with the Mad T Party. I had really enjoyed ElecTronica when it was running and kind of miss it, but Mad T Party is really fun, too. There was this old guy there with a bottle of Coke (I seriously doubt it was actually Coke) just rocking out. He was bouncing and kind of dancing and singing along. I’m pretty sure he goes every night to see this show. But the band was amazing, and I loved the dance team. And World of Color is always amazing. I did cry pretty intensely during the Genie part, though. 

Our last day on Wednesday was only a half day and we had to be out by 2. Surprisingly in that time we got on 9 rides, which is one more than the average for an entire day (8 am – 12 am) during the busy season. I guess a lot of local schools started that Tuesday and Wednesday so not a lot of people were taking trips to Disneyland. Not pass holders anyway. There were plenty of European and Japanese tourists having fun. We rode Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, which broke down halfway through and we had to walk through the rest of the ride with all the lights on to get out. It was actually really cool. I’ve always wanted to do that. 

It was a really fun trip, and I am sad that it is over already. 2 and 1/2 days in the parks just isn’t enough. But, seeing as we’re planning on moving down to SoCal in 2016 we’ll probably get a lot more time there after that. 

Spring Break 2014

My fingers still type 2013. It’s April now! Come on fingers!

Spring quarter starts tomorrow and I have some issues I have to resolve with some of my classes already. I also have to figure out what my favorite movie is by tonight for my film class. It’s really hard. So I thought that today I would recap my spring break!

We drove back to the West Side to spend the week with family. After getting my tattoo on Friday and re-wrapped Saturday we took off. My mom and brother met us at Panera for lunch and I was exhausted so we didn’t do much after that. I didn’t sleep well and getting tattoos can take a lot out of you for the first day or so while it’s healing. We spent Sunday at my mom’s and I spent Monday with my best friend. Tuesday was an important day so the Actor and I went out to celebrate.


Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory! We are so deprived in our college town. We have no malls or good, popular restaurants. We have an IHOP, a Perkins, and the typical fast food chains. That’s about it. But there still manages to be 2 Starbucks in this teeny-tiny town.

I spent Wednesday shopping with my mom, and on Thursday the Actor and I went out again.


Rainforest Café! We haven’t been to one since our honeymoon, so it was nice to go back.

Friday and Saturday were relaxing. We visited our favorite high school teacher and had frozen yogurt. I got to talk with my brother for a little while. He’s going to high school next year. He’s growing up so fast. And that means it’s been almost 6 years since I started high school. I do not miss it.

Well, that’s about it. I had a nice, relaxing break. I got caught up on sleep, but am still tired having to work early again this quarter. I’m not really looking forward to Spring Quarter tomorrow because I have a class thing I need to fix and that’s always irritating. I can get into the class I’m changing into it’s just a hassle because the office I have to go to to do that is closed a lot. Wish me luck!

Back to Disneyland

I have to start this off with a welcome to all my new followers, and since you are new you probably don’t know how big of a Disney fan I am. Here is some photographic proof:

Little Aja - 2005Tom Sawyer Island w/ litte bro - 2006Paradise Pier Hotel w/ little bro - 2007I wear that shirt on every trip to DisneylandTold yawe got an annual pass in 2009, so we took like 3 or 4 trips that yearSenior year holiday tripoh! Look who got engaged in Disneyland!I'm wearing the shirt again - 2012And, yes, we honeymooned in Walt Disney Worldyes this is tattooed onto my wrist

Hover over the pictures for more information about each. (also, if you already knew I was a HUGE Disney fan I am sorry for bombarding you with pictures)

But, yeah, I don’t think I really need to explain how much of a Disney fan I am. We go to the parks at least once a year, and I’ve seen all of the animated films and most of the live action ones. My ultimate goal along with having a successful personal training business is to work as a writer for either Walt Disney Studios or PIXAR. Oooh, do they allow their employees to be tattooed? Oh… Anyway, that’s my goal for the future.

Yesterday’s post was pretty depressing, and today I’ve been a little better. I slept in for the last time. Well, until Saturday, anyway. I made breakfast and watched the first half of SNL. The place where the Actor and I work opened an hour earlier today than they normally do so he had to go in early and we couldn’t finish SNL. It was good this week, though. At least, what I saw was good. I spent some time unpacking, cleaning, doing laundry, doing some Spring Cleaning, and I watched Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Remember that movie? Yeah, that was like 10 years ago. I also did half an hour of yoga, which was nice. I’m excited to get back to the gym tomorrow, but that’s another post. So I’ve been feeling a little better. I don’t just cry at the drop of hat anymore. And I realized that part of it probably has to do with the fact that I put on the Disney Pandora station while I cleaned. And I watched Fresh Baked Disney’s video for today. Subscribing to that channel was what got me through the end of Winter Quarter. Any Disneyland fan will tell you that Disneyland Park is like a second home, and I’ve been needing to go home. I’m going with my mom and brother and the Actor in August and that’s really what’s getting me through the rest of this year. If I can just make it through Spring Quarter then I can make it to August. If I just keep this trip in my mind then I can make it.

It’s kind of weird to say that; that I need a trip to Disneyland to motivate myself, but seriously, I do. I cannot drop out of school so this is what I have to get me through it. Because at the end of the quarters I get a short break, but at the end of Spring Quarter I don’t get a break at all and go straight into working as many hours as I can get, and I don’t get a break until halfway through August. I don’t like school and I don’t like my job,  but I can’t quit either of them so Disneyland in my future is really all I’ve got. I need short term things. You can’t tell me that in 2 years I’ll be done with school and can go on toward actually doing what I want and expect me to just accept that and be okay with it. I need something happening in a few months to look forward to. Last year it was my wedding and honeymoon, and until a couple weeks ago I didn’t have this trip to look forward to.

I need to work on my depression, I know. I’m looking into getting my meds changed. Well, kinda. I haven’t actually called the doctor’s office yet. Grown-upping is hard. I’m still going to be in therapy until they kick me out, basically, and hopefully the next six quarters can fly by. Until then, though, I’ve got Disneyland to look forward to!

Holiday Time

Every time I hear the phrase “holiday time” I think of when Martin Short hosted SNL last year with Paul McCartney. I tried to find the video for you, but you just have to watch it on Netflix or something. I guess they pulled the video off of everywhere else on the internet. It just sucks on Netflix because for some reason they don’t have the musical guests’ performances on it.

Anyway, I’m over on the wet side of Washington now. I decided that “wet side” was more appropriate than “west side” even though both are true. I saw Saving Mr. Banks with my mom and brother yesterday. I cried. It was really well done. I really don’t care that it wasn’t 100% true to what actually happened. That wouldn’t be good storytelling. That’s something I’ve learned through all of my writing. Would you watch a 90-120 minute movie of P. L. Travers yelling at the Sherman brothers? No. But you would watch one of her yelling at them, flashing back to her past to tie into the present, and arguing with Walt Disney (plus, who doesn’t love Tom Hanks?). I’ve tried to write a book about my recovery many, many times, but it’s impossible to do without making up a whole bunch of stuff. That’s a thing. Any biographies you read or anything along that line, all of those stories in there have been embellished. Almost none of them will be 100% accurate because A, you can’t remember every single detail no matter how much of an impact this thing you’re writing on had on you, and B, it’s just not interesting enough to hold an audience if you don’t embellish. Sorry for the rant, but people don’t understand this and it really bothers me.

Anyway, today I’m hanging out with some friends and probably decorating my father-in-law’s Christmas cookies. I made cookies. I made those peanut butter blossom cookies. I want to eat them all. But I won’t. Just most of them. Then on Monday we’re having a family dinner with everyone, and then the Actor and I are going back home Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas just the two of us.

I am still giving away personal training programs. If you’d like more information email me at this blog’s email: writeandrecover@hotmail.com . I don’t have a website or email setup for my personal training business yet because I still haven’t been able to pick a name and I’m not good at technology. I know it’s the holidays, but in a week you’ll be wondering just how much I charge. 😉

If I don’t post before then, have a Happy Christmas!