A Present to Me: Disneyland Again


Health is so Important

Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary and we’re going out tonight before the Actor has his show, but more to come on that later.

Yesterday we had to put my childhood cat Sweetie down. Long time readers of this blog will recognize her from posts when I was still in high school and a freshman in college. She was 14 years old and diabetic, but we caught that too late which was why she had to be let go.

Diabetes in cats is caused when they are overweight, which Sweetie was. She had an automatic feeder that supplied a never ending food supply and she wasn’t much of a player, but we never thought that would be an issue for her.

It’s like with Luna; we didn’t know cats could get asthma until I had her. I knew cats could get diabetes because my aunt and uncle’s cat had it but you never think it’ll happen to your cat. Like cancer with people; that happens to other people’s families, not yours even though 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 women get some form of cancer.

I preach a lot of health and fitness for humans but we cannot forget our furry family members, too. The love your body at any size movement is important, yes, but it’s even more important to be healthy and take care of your body. Love yourself, yes, but love it enough to take care of it. And you are all your pets have. So take care of them and yourself for them. Death is a natural part of life, but we never have enough time with each other so do your part to give yourself and your loved ones, furry or otherwise, as much time as we can all possibly get together.



Rest in peace.


It’s barely after 4 and I’m sitting in total darkness…

I started Crush60 over again and found a very affordable gym near my new apartment I’m going to sign up for this weekend since tomorrow will likely be my last workout ever at my university gym. I absolutely love lifting. I didn’t realize how much until I wasn’t doing a lot of it in Crush at Home, but I really do love it.

What I kind of don’t love is how hungry it makes me.

I eat a substantial lunch of tofu, veggies, and toast with peanut butter after I lift and I’m instantly hungry after I put my plate down. I know it’s my body wanting to repair my muscles but I still want to cut down on fat so I can’t eat too much.

That said, I’m probably still painfully under my recommended intake anyway.

Oh, ED brain, will you ever go away?

I’m off to eat more food…

End of an Era

Today I finished my last final. I can’t actually turn it in because there is an issue with the Canvas platform that my prof needs to fix, but other than that I am d-o-n-e DONE.

And it’s super weird.

I’m pretty sure that just the other day I was pulling up to campus and moving into my dorm and meeting my roommate and trying to figure out life as an adult on my own.

And it was just the other day that I realized I didn’t know what I was doing or what I wanted to do or any of that stuff. I knew one thing though: I did not want to go to college.

But here I am, less than 4 years later about to graduate with my degree. I stuck it out, did it anyway, and got it done in way less time than most people.

I’m not sure how I feel about it. As much as I am tired of school it’s the only thing I really know, so leaving it is weird. The notion that I’m about to have no homework for the rest of my life is weird. I mean, I have my own projects, but that’s different from school work.

I think it’s fitting that I’m graduating in time for the new year. New year, new goals.

I think I might be low key freaking out and I’ll have a panic attack later, but for now I’m just happy I’m finally done. Grades go in on the 15th, I’m here for a while to volunteer in AUAP classrooms and use the university gym while I still have it.

Yeah, I don’t know how to handle this…

Week #48 of 2015

How is it almost the end of 2015??

Nov 22


Sunday I had work at my new job on the West Side and I was feeling pretty rockin’ with my appearance that day. The job is absolutely wonderful, and I felt confident so it was a good day.

Nov 23


Back on the East Side, however, it was ridiculously cold and I got to walk to the gym at 6am in 21 degree weather.

Nov 24


And then it snowed on Tuesday, so I got to walk to the gym again in the snow at 6 am. I was very not pleased.

Nov 25


I found vegan egg nog on Wednesday at Target because we were back on the West Side, but I’m on the East Side now and realized I left my nog at my in-laws’ house -.-‘

Nov 26


I had to work on Thanksgiving, which was fine. I didn’t mind at all. We went to my aunt and uncle’s house and had lots of fun and on the drive to work got to see this beautiful sunset. I almost missed the Space Needle trying to load the camera app on my phone.

Nov 27


I ate a lot of oatmeal this past week. I worked on Black Friday which was quite the experience and I ate mostly fruits and veggies and coffee.

Nov 28


I was completely, 100% exhausted by Saturday because I also worked, but not nearly as long or as busy as Thursday or Friday. Still, I definitely needed the sleep and passed out for 10 straight hours without meaning to. It felt pretty good, though.

How was your week?