Week #52 and on of 2015

Dec 20


FINALLY finished moving

Dec 21


too exhausted from working out to take a non-blurry picture. Never miss a Monday done right

Dec 22


starting mass effect

Dec 23


can’t stop wearing those earrings

Dec 24


Dec 25


Christmas day!

Dec 26


Work the next day

Dec 27

I stayed home all day and did nothing. I’m boring. No picture.

Dec 28


My selfie game is getting better

Dec 29


It’s the oldest piercing in history, i don’t understand the issue

Dec 30


Ikea with the bestie

Dec 31


new year’s eve 

I did it. I missed maybe 5 days in total, but I essentially took a picture for every day of the year. I don’t think I’ll be doing that again this year, but I did it. Now I gotta assemble them all into a photo book. 😀


Week #51 of 2015

Dec 13


I got my septum pierced on Sunday and then promptly had to flip it up into my nose because apparently that’s the one piercing not allowed at my job. 😛

Dec 14


Monday was just a long day of working, nothing too exciting happened.

Dec 15


We moved on Tuesday. That was an ordeal. We didn’t get done until about 1 am and we didn’t even get all of it!

Dec 16


I had a long shift at work and then unpacking and I was just done with life.

Dec 17


Thursday I had a Zumba audition, but the highlight of the day was seeing Star Wars! It was so good. 😀

Dec 18

Friday was a long work day and apparently I took no pictures but my life is boring so no pictures were necessary.

Dec 19


We went to Tacoma with my best friend and went to a bar and then a karaoke bar which was super fun.

How was your week?

Week #50 of 2015

Dec 6


I tried working out in my new apartment gym but it’s way too tiny and lacking in equipment for me to do any version of Crush. I just need to get hired as a Zumba instructor so I get a free gym membership.

Dec 7


I was back in my college town on Monday so I got to have my beloved banana ice cream. I can’t get enough of that stuff.

Dec 8


I got an awesome new workout shirt that says “Merry Liftmas” and it looks like an ugly Christmas sweater but it’s awesome.

Dec 9


Wednesday was a girl’s night and I made a lame vlog about my day.

Dec 10


Apple decided this picture was taken in China.

Dec 11


I had what might have been my last workout at my university’s gym on Friday. It was weird to leave it because I learned so much about health and fitness in the past 3 years and I experimented with what I learned in that gym so it’s hard. I might be able to squeeze one or two in this week between moving but otherwise I’ll be moving and going to my new gym in my new town.

Dec 12


Friday and Saturday was spent on the floor in my new apartment. There is no furniture in it so I made a nest of blankets on the floor and tried to sleep. I learned I’m not 12 anymore and it’s very difficult to sleep on the floor now.

(there is a lot more blue in these pictures than I realized…)

Week #49 of 2015



Enter a caption


So I forgot a lot of days last week. Basically I drove back to school, finished my finals, and went out every night except Monday and Saturday. Tuesday was a friend’s birthday so we went out and it was 20 degrees and snowed a lot. Wednesday we saw a play, Thursday we went to a friend’s apartment where I drank wine and was very into my hair, and Friday we went to a swing dance/Yule ball with a live swing band, a Christmas party, and then to the bars for a second before I had to go home cause I had to drive back home to work on Saturday and I found that sweatshirt that really want but do not need.

How was your week?

Week #48 of 2015

How is it almost the end of 2015??

Nov 22


Sunday I had work at my new job on the West Side and I was feeling pretty rockin’ with my appearance that day. The job is absolutely wonderful, and I felt confident so it was a good day.

Nov 23


Back on the East Side, however, it was ridiculously cold and I got to walk to the gym at 6am in 21 degree weather.

Nov 24


And then it snowed on Tuesday, so I got to walk to the gym again in the snow at 6 am. I was very not pleased.

Nov 25


I found vegan egg nog on Wednesday at Target because we were back on the West Side, but I’m on the East Side now and realized I left my nog at my in-laws’ house -.-‘

Nov 26


I had to work on Thanksgiving, which was fine. I didn’t mind at all. We went to my aunt and uncle’s house and had lots of fun and on the drive to work got to see this beautiful sunset. I almost missed the Space Needle trying to load the camera app on my phone.

Nov 27


I ate a lot of oatmeal this past week. I worked on Black Friday which was quite the experience and I ate mostly fruits and veggies and coffee.

Nov 28


I was completely, 100% exhausted by Saturday because I also worked, but not nearly as long or as busy as Thursday or Friday. Still, I definitely needed the sleep and passed out for 10 straight hours without meaning to. It felt pretty good, though.

How was your week?

Week #47 of 2015

The year is almost over! What??

Nov 15


I had 8 am Black Friday and general training at my new job on Sunday. I can tell I’m really going to love working here and I hope I get hired on after the season ends. I grew up going to Bath and Body Works. I had everything in their little kid line before it went away. All my birthday money was spent on lotions I didn’t need but they just smelled too good to resist. And now I get to work there and listen to Christmas music all day.

Nov 16


On Monday we spent the afternoon being lazy and cute, though I can’t quite remember exactly what we did. I think we watched Star Wars V.

Nov 17


After Salt and Pepper day of Crush at Home I had the most beautiful tricep pump that I just had to take a picture of it. We went to a counter protest at our local Planned Parenthood afterward because a group comes every Tuesday to protest but they didn’t show up this week. Maybe they heard we would be there with facts and real information. Oh, no!

Nov 18


Wednesday was kind of a crazy day. I got up at 6 and didn’t get to eat breakfast until about 9, but it was worth it. Oatmeal is delicious.

Nov 19


My selfie game was on point on Thursday. I have a few others that were super nice, but I had to pick just one for this. I think my makeup being fabulous was a big part of it. I’ m 22 and finally learning how to apply makeup properly. >.<

Nov 20


Friday morning I did my last workout of Crush at Home and felt amazing, though I definitely felt my abs on Saturday.

Nov 21


My before and after picture from finishing crush60 to finishing crush at home.

Who’s ready for Thanksgiving?!

Week #46 of 2015

Nov 8


I never remember to take pictures on Sunday. I think I spent Sunday doing homework. I don’t remember.

Nov 9


I tried the whole No Makeup Monday thing. It was weird, but kind of nice not having to wash off makeup before going to bed.

Nov 10


I am almost done with Crush at Home and that was, I think, my last 25 Raise Up day for this round through.

Nov 11


I had the day off from classes, but still had to work. I made a hummus veggie pizza. Being vegan is delicious.

Nov 12


My cat is so stinking cute. I got a lot of writing done for my NaNoWriMo novel and only had work again. My brother sent me this picture of my cat.

Nov 13


I saw the Actor’s play on Friday and then went out with a few friends afterward. It was a really good night and I ended it passed out on the couch with The Dick Van Dyke Show playing on Netflix. I woke up 2 hours later with the blu-ray player off the TV on it’s “no signal” screen.

Nov 14


The Actor and I had a very quick coffee date after going to the gym before he went to help a friend go over a play and I had to drive to the West Side for job training on Sunday.

WordPress changed their post layout and it’s throwing me off so I hope this turns out looking all right.