Weekly Check-In 3/15/14

Well, it’s been a very good week for me. Stressful, but good. The weather has gotten so much nicer this week. I’ve been able to wear dresses and a much lighter coat than the big puffy pink one I don all winter.

I’ve made some progress in my lifting and my HIIT cardio. I’ve got one more week of this intense 7 days a week lifting and cardio before I take a week off for break. I wouldn’t normally take a week off, but I’m going to visit family, getting a new tattoo, and this workout has been very intense. I took one rest day a few weeks back because I was sick, but other than that I’ve been at it nonstop.

Not too much else to report on right now fitness-wise, except:

I just released a new workout program just in time for Spring. Check it out on the new page: Training Programs.


Weekly Check-In 3/9/14 VEGAN

DSCN0771This is just an outtake from my self-done photo shoot. It’s actually not too bad but I didn’t do anything with it. It just wasn’t my favorite

Anyway, this week kind of sucked for me. I got sick. Again. So I’ve been going to work early in the morning, coming home and going back to bed until class. Or not going to class to sleep. It paid off though, because I’m feeling a lot better today. I haven’t been going to the gym the past few days because of how sick I’ve been but I’ve been doing a lot of pilates which I used to do a lot before I started heavy lifting. It’s a different way to work your body so I’ve been really feeling it.

I have two weeks left before spring break, which I am very excited for. I’ll be taking a week off from working out, too, because I’ve been working out 7 days a week nonstop, and I plan on getting a new tattoo right before break so I need to not sweat while that heals. I planned that perfectly.

Now, I’ve been struggling lately about my nutrition situation. I’ve been working on hitting a higher amount of protein these past few months, but to do that without going over carbs or fat I had to eat more animal products. I’ve been a vegetarian for 90% of my life so that was kind of hard, but I told myself it would be worth it. Well, it wasn’t. There is a weird heart issue in my family and there is no way to prevent it other than by living a healthy lifestyle, and that’s not even a guarantee. I’ve studied the benefits of a plant based diet over one with animal products and decided that lessening the chances of me dropping dead of a cardiac arrest for no reason in the future outweighs my desire to have a super cut body. As a note on that though, I am looking into vegan bodybuilding so I can learn more about getting enough protein on a plant based diet. So I am cutting meat back out of the equation and going back to transitioning to a vegan lifestyle.

I’m not going to make anyone I train switch to a plant based diet. I know more about a diet with animal products for gaining muscle and losing fat that I do about a plant based diet. It’s a personal choice how you eat and I’m not going to push my ideals onto anyone else because that’s just stupid.

But I am going vegan. It’s important to me and I believe it’s the best choice I can make for my body.

So that’s what’s happened this week in terms of my fitness and nutrition. I hope your week was good and that you survive the next few days if you live in areas that participate in Daylight Savings Time. I’m feeling pretty lost without that hour.


Weekly Check-In 3/1/14

This week was great. It just flew by and I am almost done with this quarter. I accomplished almost all of my workouts this week. I took one day off because I haven’t actually had a rest day in 3-4 weeks. Next time I rest I’m taking a full week off, and I’ve planned my next tattoo around that time so it can heal along with the rest of my body.

My eating has been better this week, too, in comparison to last week. I haven’t hit my protein as much this week as I should have, but it’s still a lot higher than it was before I started flexible eating. This next week I’m going to try harder to hit my protein. I’ve done it before, so I know I can do it again.

This next week is going to be busy for me as the quarter winds down and finals start up. But I am going to be unveiling a new workout program in the next few weeks to get you bikini and swim trunk ready for summer. Lookout for Super Sexy Summer by Body by Aja and be one of the first to snag it, because it’ll only be here for a limited time and in limited quantities.

Weekly Check-In 2/21/4

Welcome to the first of my weekly fitness check-ins!

We’re actually gonna start this off with an off week. I did get in all my workouts and I’ve challenged myself as much as possible with an injured wrist. I have had to maintain the weights I use instead of increasing because I have weak wrists that decided to act up this week. I haven’t been able to work on strengthening them either but they feel a lot better today so hopefully by next week they’ll be better.

This was also a very emotional week for me. I’ve been forced to really focus on myself this week, which isn’t bad except for when you have anxiety and depression. Exercise helps a lot, but I haven’t had my support network this week so I’ve had to learn to deal with it all on my own. I think that it’s been really helping actually because I have gotten to really examine why I feel the way I do and try to work past it.

As a result I’ve had to let my eating slide. This was an emotional-health week. I still ate more than the minimum amount of protein I should consume, but not exactly where my macros are set, and I kept my fat down. Next week I’ll get back to it. I just needed this emotional break week.

Your mental health is just as  important as your physical health, and sometimes one takes precedent over the other.