About Aja

IMG_0740Hi! I’m Aja!

First of all, I absolutely love fitness. Of course, I wasn’t born loving it. I was underweight until I hit the fifth grade when I hit the 50th percentile on my mom’s BMI growth tracking chart. And I hated it. Over the years I tried those fad diets.  I would spend entire weekends dancing in my room only to try to lose weight. When I was about ten years old my mom suggested I start practicing yoga to help with my anxiety levels. I have struggled with body image, depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder. When I started my recovery from AN in 2010 I dove into learning what being healthy really was. I learned and began practicing smart exercise routines, and I learned the importance of solid nutrition.

I learned how to work out each muscle to get certain results. I learned how to schedule my workouts and do the right amount of cardio to see what I wanted to see in my body. I started practicing Pilates, which for about a year or two was the only thing I did for exercise every single day. Then I started branching out and I even started lifting weights in the male dominated weight section of the gym. I have become so much happier with my life since.


Now I go back and forth between dancing, lifting, practicing yoga, and Pilates. Ideally I do all of these in a week, but I cannot dedicate my life to just one. They are all my favorites! I couldn’t pick! Sometimes I like doing one more than another, and then a month or two later that flips. I’m indecisive about it.

Overall, I am a passionate health nut and a passionate writer. I married my high school sweetheart in June of 2013. I am a Communications major specializing in film and video studies: screenwriting at Central Washington University. I can be pretty quiet, and I can also be pretty crazy. I had also been blogging for nearly 3 years over at fitlivelaugh.wordpress.com. But it was time to move on because my ED is no longer a prominent part of my life. But you can go there to read all about my engagement, wedding, and of course the chronicle of my recovery up to October 2014.



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