Updates on Me

The month is over already! I’ve been in station at my new job for a month. I sliced open my hand. Luna is doing much better on her inhaler. Life is reaching a point where I can relax and take care of things I need without worrying too much. The hand thing threw me for a loop but all is well.


That picture is from about a week ago now. I got my stitches out today and they put steri strips over it because it wasn’t completely fused together. In a few days those will just fall off on their own and I should be good to go.

I had to put my workouts on hold, but I was able to finish Crush at Home again. I haven’t started it over because I found out that their new program is coming out on the 10th so I’ve been doing Zumba every day to keep active, plus I don’t have to grab anything or put pressure on my hand which is what I need for now.

My job is going well. It’s definitely a keeper so I don’t think I’ll need to start a hunt again soon. I think I just need to settle into my schedule and get my butt back into writing. That project I was excited about months ago was put way back on the back burner and I need to pick it up again.

I won’t pretend I’ve been super positive and happy this past week. It was stressful being allowed to go back to work after my hand and then other things have been crazy. But all in all things have been getting better and I’m making it through every day okay.


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