In Summer!

Well, they did it.


(c) Disney

Back in September I made this video in reaction to the announcement that the Aladdin-A Musical Spectacular show would be leaving and a Frozen show would be taking over. I was highly skeptical. Yes, Frozen has a lot of hype. Yes, they won’t stop shoving it in our faces. But they had already said that Aladdin was going away for Toy Story, a musical that already existed and would require less preparation to move in, unlike Frozen which would need someone to adapt the script for a short stage musical, hire a team, cast actors, rehearse, etc.

So I said I would believe it when I saw it. And then January 11th came and Aladdin was gone.

Now, we have an actual opening date for Frozen: May 27th, 2016.

On their blog you can find a video clip going behind the scenes at the rehearsal process and making of.

I am as sick of Frozen as everyone else. My cat hates it. If I’m lonely I will sing Let it Go because she runs over to yell at me to stop and then sits with me a while to make sure I don’t start singing again. It’s kind of evil but I gotta have my kitty love. The hype has long overstayed its welcome, however, I am a musical/theater/film nerd so I am looking forward to seeing how they adapted this for a short stage show. I am going to miss the Genie and all of his jokes. I think that’s what made the Aladdin musical so successful for so long, and I’m not sure that Frozen lends itself to that same comedy.

But, I will wait for it to open and for me to see it maybe in three years* in person unless it comes up on YouTube before then before I judge it.


*I’m going for 1 day in September, and to WDW in 2017, so I probably won’t have time to see it until my next longer DL trip in 2018.



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