March in Review

Yet again another month has flown by and this one was a lot better than the first two months of 2016. I quit my barista job, which left on a note that just confirmed I was making the right decision, as just hours later I got offered my dream-job-to-work-while-I-try-to-land-my-actual-dream-job job. That doesn’t start until the middle of April, so for now I’m in training at a call center and will be leaving before I actually have to take any calls, which is good, because I don’t really want people to be yelling at me over the phone all the time.

I go to work at 2 and don’t get off until 11 which kind of sucks, but I get 40 hours per week instead of being scheduled for 40 but really only getting 37 1/2 hours because of unpaid lunch breaks which I appreciate. And, if I weren’t going to the other job, this one isn’t terrible in terms of how they treat employees and their opportunities and benefits. But I’m moving on to a much better job.

Other than jobs I have gotten a bit more work done in my writing project, took a day trip to Portland last week, and Luna is feeling much better!


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