Not Spring Break

Pretty much all of my friends are posting on Facebook about how it is, or soon will be, Spring Break for them.

Not me.

I’m an adult now, so no Spring Break for me. Instead, I’m quitting my current job and starting a new one, and probably spending a bit more time outside because the weather is getting nicer, and maybe taking a weekend trip to somewhere, but most likely not.

Being an adult is weird. I don’t know if I was ready but it came anyway. I find myself working towards making enough to be able to live on my own and take a vacation (I just set that goal for myself so we can be extra financially stable), a cat mom, and still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.

I have some idea. I have started a project, but not gotten very far with it. Honestly, I find myself in pretty cripplingly depression. I have very little interest in anything I used to enjoy, and just kind of find myself pushing through each day trying to find things to do. But that’s hard when nothing sounds like fun.

Honestly, I keep trying to not sound so pathetic on here, but I’ve typed up this post several times and just can’t make it stick, so here it is, sad and real. I’m gonna make some dinner and maybe go shopping cause I need more bananas, and maybe push through and really get started on this writing project. I know when I start and make some real headway with it I’ll probably feel pretty good about it, it’s just actually doing it that’s hard.

I need a vacation. If only I could afford one. Maybe I need to plan a really nice staycation for next week in those days between the end of my old job and the start of my new one… Any suggestions?


Have this picture of me and my adorable cat. She always cheers me up. She’s just too darn cute. She crawled underneath the covers this morning and curled up next to me for a few hours. Great way to wake up!


2 thoughts on “Not Spring Break

  1. I feel kind of the same way. I mean I get a spring break but the whole time I’ll just be planning for when I have to go back to teaching after spring break. Adulthood is hard. I still have faith that someday we’ll master it though. 🙂

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