Exercises at Work

Today definitely feels like a Monday. I had a doctors appointment that I thought might overlap with Luna’s vet appointment and she did not like her carrier which prompted a little accident, so I had to give her a bath and wash everything and then rush to work. Basically, I had no time to work out today and I still have more cleaning to do when I get home tonight so the gym is out.

I missed yesterday, too. I didn’t even have an excuse for yesterday. I don’t like my gym, though, so I hardly ever want to go anymore.

Anyway, I am standing at work doing random exercises in between cleaning, stocking, and serving. These are good things you can do no matter what your job is. Just stand up, ignore the states you think you’re getting and move around!

  • calf raises, as many sets of 12 as you can do throughout the day.
  • Leg raises
  • standing crunches
  • hip circles
  • counter push ups
  • march around or in place

And anything else you can think of. And make sure you’re drinking lots of water! These are all good things to do even on days you did work out. Too much sitting for prolonged periods of time (30 minutes or more) can cause some serious health problems even when you work out.

We all miss the gym sometimes. Just as long as we keep moving and eat healthy we’ll be fine.


4 thoughts on “Exercises at Work

  1. So I cant get to the gym when your uncle works so I’ve started a weight routine at home. Yesterday I hit it hard and today I can hardly move…that means its working! Right? Sometime you should come to my fancy gym. We have chandeliers!

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