Take Care of Yourself

Eating healthy is very important. Exercising is very important. Like I said in my last Fitness Monday post, they’re probably the most important things you could ever do with your life.

But I failed to stress another aspect of health that you also need to focus on: your mental health.

I don’t know how many people out there can have healthy relationships with food versus people who can’t (like me), and this is more directed towards that latter of those groups, but it also applies to the former.

We can get so caught up in focusing on our exercise and our diets that we can forget about our minds. We can become obsessed with being as healthy as possible and before we know it we’re burnt out.

Some people have cheat days where they just get to eat whatever they want. I don’t because I tend to focus on them and count down until my next cheat day, which makes the other 6 days seem like torture. I always recommend a rest day, though, where you maybe skip the gym and go for a walk instead.

And always have a little “me time” that has nothing to do with the gym or your diet. Read a book, watch a couple episodes on Netflix, take a bubble bath, etc. We focus so much on finding time in our day to go to the gym but forget to find time in our day to be with ourselves and really take care of ourselves.

I’ve been feeling pretty ragged these last few days and been taking a lot of time to take care of my mental health. It is very easy for me to get obsessed with the diet and exercise part of health and ignore the mental part. It’s something I’m working on.

We’re all human. No one is perfect, but if we spend our lives trying our best to take care of ourselves that’s all we can ask for. That’s all that matters. That’s what’s important. Not being the #1 athlete in the world, but being the healthiest you in all aspects of your life. And “healthiest” doesn’t mean “perfect”.



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