Kick Monday’s Butt

We all hate Monday’s right? It’s the start of a new week. Several long days are stretched out in front of us. After a (hopefully) relaxing weekend it can be hard to get back into the swing of things.

But why? Why don’t we look at Monday’s the same way we look at New Year’s Eve? It’s a chance to start over fresh and reach f or our goals.

I did hit snooze a few times this morning. I got up an hour after I had hoped to get  up and even then it was just because Luna was prancing around the bed and squishing my chest meowing her adorable little head off. I ate breakfast, watched an episode of The Fosters (such a good show!) and then walked to the gym for leg day. I really had to fight the urge to just sit at home and binge watch Netflix all morning before work but getting to the gym really raised my energy and my mood. Especially because the sun is out today.

Mondays are hard but only if we allow them to be. It’s best to treat Monday like any other day of the week. There are 52 of them in a year. Do you really want to hate 52 days out of the year? How many days is that in your lifetime that you hated? What a waste of energy!

if you haven’t already, lace up your shoes, plug in those headphones, and go kick Monday’s butt! You are no longer it’s slave.


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