Friday Fun: Disney Candles

I was wondering what to post for today and then I saw this store was trending on Facebook and instantly fell in love.

Anthology Candles

The candles are 100% handmade with soy wax in reusable/recyclable jars by husband and wife duo Stephen and Rheney Williams in Charleston, South Carolina. Their candles are books and music themed, but right now their shop is super popular (and currently only selling while they expand) Disney Parks themed scents. They are not affiliated with Disney in any way, but I’ll take a candle that smells like a dole whip or the Pirates of the Caribbean ride any day. And they have a Soarin’ inspired candle?? I’m so there!

These are a few that I really want:


You can buy this one here


You can buy this one here


You can buy this one here


You can buy this one here

Current turn around time is 2-4 months but I think it’s worth the wait. Plus, you might have forgotten you ordered it by then and get a really nice surprise present in the mail from your past self. Thanks past me!



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