Flashback Friday: September ’15 Disney Trip

Because I am the queen at procrastination I let these pictures sit on my camera until today. You know, like 4 months after they were taken. I love my iPhone, but I forget how nice an actual camera can take pictures. The iPhone is just really convenient.


All of those little Mickey details in the Disneyland Hotel were just too cute. Hopefully some day I’ll get to stay there again. I think it’s my favorite of their 3 resort hotels.

I’m especially proud of those Carthay Circle pictures. I think I want to blow them up and frame them. At least the one at dusk.

I cannot wait to go back! I don’t know when, but hopefully soon, although I might legitimately be waiting until the opening of Star Wars Land in like 3 years. At this point I’m pretty sure I’m 1/3 fitness, 1/3 smoothie, and 1/3 Disney. If I ever do move to LA expect me to be one of those weekly trip report vloggers because I will be all over that place all the time!


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