Week #51 of 2015

Dec 13


I got my septum pierced on Sunday and then promptly had to flip it up into my nose because apparently that’s the one piercing not allowed at my job. 😛

Dec 14


Monday was just a long day of working, nothing too exciting happened.

Dec 15


We moved on Tuesday. That was an ordeal. We didn’t get done until about 1 am and we didn’t even get all of it!

Dec 16


I had a long shift at work and then unpacking and I was just done with life.

Dec 17


Thursday I had a Zumba audition, but the highlight of the day was seeing Star Wars! It was so good. 😀

Dec 18

Friday was a long work day and apparently I took no pictures but my life is boring so no pictures were necessary.

Dec 19


We went to Tacoma with my best friend and went to a bar and then a karaoke bar which was super fun.

How was your week?


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