Week #49 of 2015



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So I forgot a lot of days last week. Basically I drove back to school, finished my finals, and went out every night except Monday and Saturday. Tuesday was a friend’s birthday so we went out and it was 20 degrees and snowed a lot. Wednesday we saw a play, Thursday we went to a friend’s apartment where I drank wine and was very into my hair, and Friday we went to a swing dance/Yule ball with a live swing band, a Christmas party, and then to the bars for a second before I had to go home cause I had to drive back home to work on Saturday and I found that sweatshirt that really want but do not need.

How was your week?


5 thoughts on “Week #49 of 2015

  1. That is compact blogging at it’s finest ha ha…

    My week has been filled with work, driving in the dark, a little bit of running, lots of getting wet in the rain, complaining about having no money, eating too much sugar and only now catching up with emails. 🙂

  2. Ellie says:

    Cutest dress ever! You are so beautiful! My week was fun. I worked a lot at the running store and got two pairs of shoes (60% off!) It was a full week

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