Week #46 of 2015

Nov 8


I never remember to take pictures on Sunday. I think I spent Sunday doing homework. I don’t remember.

Nov 9


I tried the whole No Makeup Monday thing. It was weird, but kind of nice not having to wash off makeup before going to bed.

Nov 10


I am almost done with Crush at Home and that was, I think, my last 25 Raise Up day for this round through.

Nov 11


I had the day off from classes, but still had to work. I made a hummus veggie pizza. Being vegan is delicious.

Nov 12


My cat is so stinking cute. I got a lot of writing done for my NaNoWriMo novel and only had work again. My brother sent me this picture of my cat.

Nov 13


I saw the Actor’s play on Friday and then went out with a few friends afterward. It was a really good night and I ended it passed out on the couch with The Dick Van Dyke Show playing on Netflix. I woke up 2 hours later with the blu-ray player off the TV on it’s “no signal” screen.

Nov 14


The Actor and I had a very quick coffee date after going to the gym before he went to help a friend go over a play and I had to drive to the West Side for job training on Sunday.

WordPress changed their post layout and it’s throwing me off so I hope this turns out looking all right.


One thought on “Week #46 of 2015

  1. Ellie says:

    I do not understand the new Snapchat themes and forget they exist. I’ll just stick with taking videos of my cat. I agree, being vegan is delicious!! 🙂 NOM

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