Week #42 of 2015

Yesterday I was so busy I barely had time to eat, so this post is a day late. Sorry!

Oct 11

Version 2On Sunday we went to Goodwill to get a few things for our Halloween Costumes. I’ll be wearing mine a week early this week for my vlog so keep your eyes out for that.

Oct 12

IMG_2410We’ve been getting up early to go to the gym so when we’re heading home we get to catch the sunrise.

Oct 13

IMG_2411Another beautiful sunrise picture. One thing I’m going to miss about living here is how much sun we get compared to Seattle, but I’ll gladly take a rainy location over a sunny one if it means there are more opportunities and things for me to do.

Oct 14


My life is boring right now, so enjoy another sunrise picture! This one looks like a painting. Wednesdays are busy days for me. I go to the gym, to yoga, have 30 minutes to shower and eat before volunteering, going to class, and going to work. But after that my week slows down considerably. I had a nice evening, though. I finally got to the the Actor Hocus Pocus because that poor boy had never seen it. It’s a failure on my part, too, considering we’ve been together for almost 7 years.

Oct 15

IMG_2413I’m really enjoying the fall foliage around here. It’s my favorite season and I like to stop and appreciate the trees every now and then cause the wind here will blow the leaves down fast, and then the street cleaners sweep them away cause they like to rob college kids of our opportunities to make giant leaf piles to jump in.

Oct 16

IMG_2418Finally Friday came! I had a kick ass workout and felt good enough after to take some sweaty selfies. Check out my shoulder! Gettin’ those yolo delts.

Oct 17

IMG_2421I spent Friday night staying up until all hours of the night. I watched The Duchess, an episode of Friends, and then I tried to watch The Dick Van Dyke Show but I got too tired so I went to bed. I got to see a friend who graduated in June and moved to SoCal but was visiting Saturday night and we went out to the bars. We ended up staying up until all hours of the night again, but it was too much fun to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

How was your week? 


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