Week #41 of 2015

Oct 4

IMG_2395The Actor went to Oktoberfest last weekend and brought me back a piece of this raspberry chocolate fudge. It took me about a week to eat the whole thing because I’d only take a bite or two a day, but by the end of the week I just devoured the darn thing. It was delicious.

Oct 5


After about 3 weeks I finally got back into watching Fresh Baked Disney. Maybe it’s weird, but it actually helps my anxiety and stress levels to watch those videos.

Oct 6

IMG_2398I made baked sweet potatoes for dinner and I always end up just mashing mine into a giant sweet potato cinnamon mush. It’s delicious.

Oct 7

IMG_2401My uni celebrated National Coming Out Day a few days early. I don’t really know why, but they did. They had a closet door for people to sign and there were events and it was pretty nice to see how many people got involved.

Oct 8


Dinner. Brown rice, steamed veggies, a boca patty, and ketchup. It was pretty tasty. But whenever I eat food with rice I’m instantly hungry again 30 minutes later, so I just went to bed.

Oct 9

IMG_2403The Crush at Home day I had on Friday was an active rest day so I practiced my Zumba choreography and finished with 30 minutes of yoga. It was a nice relaxing morning, and then work was chaos. I spent about 75% of my shift with the other few people who were not new trying to put the station back in 100% working order. But at least the shift went by super fast.

Oct 10


Yesterday was a lazy day. We went to the gym, I worked on my movie, we binged watched a lot of Legend of Korra because Amazon finally put Book 3 on Prime, and then we went to a party at a friend’s house.

How was your week?


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