Week #40 of 2015

Sept 27


My knee hates me. I wore that brace for an entire week and it’s finally not hurting all the time anymore.

Sept 28


This is the mug I bought in Disneyland. My mom wanted me to send her a picture. It’s so pretty! Monday I had yoga and class then work. It was long and boring.

Sept 29


I went back to volunteering on Tuesday which is so much fun. But it was also my long work day and I had a Pure Romance party after so I was exhausted by the end of the day.

Sept 30


Wednesday was another long day. I had yoga, volunteering, class, and work. This quarter just might kill me.

Oct 1


I had my Pure Romance launch party on Thursday. It went pretty well and I even sold a few things and booked a few parties. So if anyone in the Central Washington/Seattle area wants to host a party you should let me know!

Oct 2

Netflix added the last season of The Vampire Diaries so I started watching that. I’m hoping to be caught up in time for the new season but I’m not that good at binge watching.

Oct 3


I spent Saturday doing homework, watching Mean Girls, and I made single serving peanut butter cookies as a treat. They’re vegan and really clean and delicious.

How was your week?


2 thoughts on “Week #40 of 2015

  1. Summing up every day of the week in just a few sentences is such a good idea! Yay for your knee not hurting anymore! I had some hip troubles earlier this year and was beyond stoked when they finally ebbed off after months of patience.
    What is Pure Romance about? Also, where do you volunteer? It seems to be the season of volunteering :).

    • I hate when pains stick around forever. My knees always seem to hurt at the beginning of a new quarter so I almost think it’s weirdly stress related. Pure Romance is a company that sells spa and bedroom accessories and educates women on sexual health. So I’m a party consultant and pseudo female sexual health consultant as well. I’ll drop the pseudo part after some more trainings and stuff. The products are amazing and the slogan is something like Educate, Empower, and Entertain. The sexual health education in America is seriously lacking. My experience was 2 days talking about puberty in 5th grade, and then a week in high school talking about STDs, but we never talked about being safe other than “use a condom!” and making sex fun. And I volunteer in AUAP (Asia University America Program) classrooms on campus, so I help the visiting Japanese students with their English classes. English is ridiculously hard.

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