Dapper Disney Trip Day 3

I realize this was really like day 5, but I don’t count the first two days on the road because nothing happened and it was kind of boring except for the copious amounts of Lady Gaga and Tim Minchin music.

Anyway, Dapper Day!

IMG_2306 IMG_2309

Morning, my hair looked super cute all pinned to my head, but they had to be undone and boy were they fluffy! I didn’t bring any hairspray so I just left them so that the California humidity could calm them down and hopefully they could get to a nice level by the end of the day.


The outfit


We made weird faces on rides.


Obligatory photo at the hub


See? my hair looks so much better now!


People actually laughed when they saw us in this picture.



So that’s that! Plus the video that is lacking a point, but I hope you like it.


2 thoughts on “Dapper Disney Trip Day 3

    • It’s so much fun and it’s crowded but the lines aren’t any longer than an off day because dapper people like to take pictures more than go on roller coasters. And if you book through dapperday.com you get awesome discounts on hotels and park tickets!

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