Week #39 of 2015

Sept 20


Sunday was sleepy. We’d just gotten back from vacation and I spent it being lazy, although I did go to the gym and start Crush at Home.

Sept 21


Monday I went back to work, which went well. It’s kind of nice to be back doing things. I also got a second job as a Pure Romance consultant that I start with some parties next week when my inventory gets here.

Sept 22


Tuesday I had a long shift at work and it was kind of painful because it was so busy, but I ended up doing coffee the entire time which made the last hour just fly by.

Sept 23


I had to take a headshot of the Actor for his last audition at college. It turned out really well for my iPhone camera and using the editing features in Photos, but I still really missing using a DSLR and Photoshop. Classes also started and I got my first assignments.

Sept 24

I have no picture for Thursday. I went to the gym and to work which was another long shift and then I went home.

Sept 25


It was my birthday on Friday! My mom came by and gave me some gifts and she made me this cake. We went to lunch, I went to work, then went to dinner with the Actor, went out with some friends, and of course, ended up eating breakfast at midnight because I was feeling 22.

Sept 26

Yesterday was spent cleaning, working out, and watching this because I got it for my birthday and I’ll admit I’m in love with it.

How was your week?


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