Thinking Out Loud #24

Thursdays are for thinking out loud!

And boy do I have some thoughts.

Right now they are mostly about eating and sleeping…

My final quarter of college started yesterday. I had one class on campus, though now I have two because I needed one more credit so I’m taking a yoga class at 8am on Mondays and Wednesdays. So far I’ve read an entire screenplay and have to write an 8 page short that I have no ideas for and I have until Monday, which isn’t very long but I’m sure I can do it. Maybe. I hope.

I also have to write an outline for a feature length film by Tuesday. Thankfully I have the idea and it kind of mapped out so once I actually start on that it shouldn’t take long.

I also got a second job on Monday! I am now a Pure Romance consultant, and I have 3 parties next week. My pop the box party and two launch parties where I will hopefully book some real parties because I’m poor and would love to get started on this. It’s really cool because it’s not just about makeup, it’s about education and breaking stigma. We like to pretend that sex isn’t a thing and censor it a lot, and a lot of times sex ed doesn’t go as far as it needs to so a lot of people go out into the world knowing only what movies tell them, which also is not much and most of it not real. Also, the products are awesome. If you live in the Seattle or CWU area and would like to book a party then shoot me a message or click my website. You can also order online through my website: here it is!

So, I’m tackling a lot of stuff and keep thinking, wow, a week ago I was in Disneyland where everything was chill and fun and relaxing. I miss it. I wanna go back. As of right now I have no idea when I’ll be going back. We plan on our next vacation being Hawaii, so it might be a year or two before I return to Disneyland, which makes me sad.

Tomorrow is also my birthday! I have to work, but I’m getting lunch with my mom and then dinner with some friends and drinks with more friends! I was planning on having a birthday week where I just celebrate all week doing little things, but so far I’ve bought myself a mocha and that’s it. Well, I also bought Crush at Home which I love. I go to the gym because I only have 5 lb dumbbells at home and no cardio equipment, and it’s super intense. I need a sweat towel every day I do the program. Maybe I’ll do Mass Effect next and have done all of the Crush programs!

So this was a lot of thinking out loud with no real purpose. Ta-da! Happy Autumn, by the way. The best season.


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