Week #37 of 2015

Sorry this is late! Just drove 20 hours to Disneyland. šŸ™‚

Sept 6


If you follow me on Instagram I have been posting pictures of a challenge Blogilates is hosting. This specific day was people that inspire us. I forgot Demi Lovato and a few other people, but this is the picture I made.

Sept 7


Another picture for the challenge, but taken on my way to my best friend’s birthday.

Sept 8


We drove back home but had to stop at Johnny Rockets for the nostalgia.

Sept 9


Pink is my color

Sept 10

IMG_2150 IMG_2153

I practiced my Dapper Day stuff and sent my mom the pictures. She sent me the one back of her and I thought it was funny that we have worn almost the exact same outfit.

Sept 11


I’ve been doing a lot of HIIT workouts lately, so this was a sweaty selfie.

Sept 12


I got my first Ipsy bag! I love everything and may have taken all of it with me on the road trip.


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