Week #36 of 2015

August 30

IMG_2069First day back at the gym after it was closed for a week. It’s closed this weekend, so it was only open for 6 days. I felt awesome wearing workout clothes again. That is my element.

August 31

IMG_2078I made teeny tiny zucchini fries on Monday. They were really good and took about 45 minutes to make with dipping each individual piece into each mixture, but it was worth it.

Sept 1

IMG_2079It’s September! It’s my birthday month! It’s also the start of fall and my last quarter of school. It’s also the month I given myself to transition to a full vegan diet. So here is my first attempt at vegan breakfast. It was good, but I’ve stuck to oatmeal lately, which is funny because I used to absolutely hate oatmeal.

Sept 2

IMG_2085The first, and my last, pumpkin pie blizzard of the season. They are so good, but you know, dairy and veganism don’t mix, but I plan on trying to make an appropriate substitute with banana ice cream and pumpkin and all that good stuff.

Sept 3

IMG_2089I’ve been doing a challenge on Instagram this month and the prompt that day was an inspiring quote. I think it’s so easy for us to focus on where we want to be rather than how far we’ve come. It’s important to do both.

Sept 4

IMG_2093I’m practicing my pin curls for Dapper Day! They turned out all right. I’m gonna try again soon.

Sept 5

IMG_2100I finally figured out how to use the food processing part of my nutribullet. Okay, it wasn’t hard, I just never got around to it. I made these pancakes by making my own oat flour with it and adding milk and a banana. I ended up with 10 mini pancakes and could only eat half. Not bad, though.

I’m on vacation! So I have been doing a lot of working out and binge watching a whole bunch of stuff on Netflix. The New Girl, The X Files, Coffee Prince, Sailor Moon Super S, and FRIENDS. I’m looking forward to my trip to Disneyland, but it also means the end of my break so I’m not too excited about that part.

How was your week? Watching anything good lately? 


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