Thinking Out Loud #22

Thursdays are for thinking out loud!

1. It’s unseasonably cold right now, but I love it because fall is my favorite season!

2. I had to dig out my favorite sweater a few weeks ago from a donation bag. I don’t know why I was going to donate it! It’s my favorite sweater! But I’m glad I did. I love to just live in sweaters and sweat shirts and yoga pants.


this is actually form 2011 so I’ve had this sweater a while

3. Unfortunately, with the coming of fall means the coming of school. Maxlemore (my little bro) started his sophomore year of high school today. This is me at his age. It’s weird.

look at me trying to be all angsty

look at me trying to be all angsty

4. Now that I look back at my sophomore year I remember that it was only months after that selfie was taken that I was diagnosed with AN and depression. Hopefully Maxlemore has a better time than I did.

5. I’ve learned a lot about recovery and health and fitness in the last 5 years since my diagnosis. And I’ve made this decision like 3 times before without sticking to it, but now I think I definitely 100% have to commit to it: I’m going vegan. And I think I need to blog about my journey so I’m kept more accountable this time. Apparently I blogged back in 2014 that I would do this but I have no memory of it so I think I just typed it and never followed through.

6. I have finally found a good idea for my book on my recovery and I need to start it before I get swept up in school work. It’s been 5 years, which is probably long enough for me to have gained some perspective to write fairly well about this.

7. I really just want to drink hot chocolate and put pumpkins all over my apartment right now.

8. It’s a really good thing that I’m starting my final quarter of schooling ever in the fall because that’s when I’m the most motivated. After winter break I lose all motivation and just want it to be summer.

That’s it for now! None of my thoughts are very interesting.


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