Week #35 of 2015

August 23

IMG_2029Sunday we drove over the visit family and friends in our hometown. We ended up catching up with two friends that evening, which was nice.

August 24

IMG_2032My tattoo was feeling sensitive on Monday so I had to cancel my plans, which made me really sad, but we ended up staying in and watching Young Frankenstein and Milk, both excellent movies with very different tones.

August 25

IMG_2036I think I’ve finally gotten over my weirdness with oatmeal because I had a bowl for lunch and it was perf.

August 26

IMG_2043A year ago I was in Disneyland, but I settled for shopping and getting fro-yo with my family. My hair was looking really good. I’m so happy it’s growing out!

August 27

IMG_2044I attempted making my oatmeal look pretty. I think I did okay for having limited options and it being my first try.

August 28

IMG_2052We drove back home on Friday and immediately set back out on the road to Leavenworth to see our friends in a play. I’d never been, but I spent a lot of time with the German half of my family growing up so in a weird way it was very familiar. If you’ve never been you should definitely go. It was adorable.

August 29

It’s not letting me upload the file for Saturday, but I can tell you that I spent it on my couch doing nothing all day. I slept until noon cause we didn’t get back from Leavenworth until 2:30 AM, I worked out, then we watched Nick Offerman’s Netflix comedy special, and I went to bed.

How was your week?

I’m very much enjoying not working right now.


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