Thinking Out Loud #21

Thursdays are for thinking out loud!

1. I only have 6 days of work left and I am so excited! It’s been kind of a terrible summer so I don’t mind leaving my current position and having a month off. It’ll suck paycheck wise, but my brain needs it.

2. As we’ve been saying at work, I need that month to grow some new fucks for my to give on my fuck-farm. I ran out in June. It’s a problem.

3. It is very hot today. Currently it is 100 degrees, and it’s very hazy out. But tomorrow it’s only supposed to get up to 80, which will be very nice and cool. I currently have the A/C and all the fans in my apartment running. I’m very excited for fall!

4. Speaking of my apartment, I am slowly starting to clear it out. Last week I cleared out my kitchen and this week I did the linen closet. I’m getting rid of things. When we got married we just kind of threw together all our childhood things plus all our new married life things into this 400 sq ft apartment so it’s been kind of a disaster. But I have donated a bunch of stuff and will donate more before we move out. It’s nice to get rid of things and discover new space.

5. A good rule of thumb, if you haven’t touched it in a year get rid of it. You obviously don’t need it. It’s not easy to do that, but it’s necessary.

6. Today is the Actor’s birthday. He’s currently still at work but we’re going out tonight and tomorrow night to celebrate.

7. I’m planning on getting a new tattoo in about a week. It’s been about 9 months since my last one, and after this summer of hell I think I deserve it.

No pictures for this post. I’ve been slacking. But I’m sure I’ll have a bunch from tonight and tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #21

    • I’m getting “if you’re a strong female you don’t need permission” with a fuchsia upside-down equilateral triangle behind it. It’s one of my favorite lyrics from Lady Gaga and the triangle is basically the “born this way” symbol. I’ve been planning a Lady Gaga tattoo for years so I’m super excited about it

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