Wek #32 of 2015

August 2

IMG_1963I opened one of my new protein powders to find the scoop sitting on top. It was a fitness miracle! Also, for a few days I may have had 4 2lb containers of Cellucor whey protein in my kitchen. I don’t have a problem…

August 3

IMG_1966 IMG_1967

We hung out with some friends Sunday night and I got maybe 5 hours of sleep, so I drank a lot of tea and ended the day with a glass or two of a pink moscato. I’m actually kind of weird with sweet wine. I like reds better than whites but since I’m the only one I end up drinking more whites and pinks. Tidbits about me you didn’t care to know.

August 4

IMG_1973I believe this is a sort of successful attempt at a back photo. It only took 3 tries. I am actually starting to get back definition and it makes me happy.

August 5

IMG_1974Sometimes I secretly take photos of the Actor while we’re at the gym.

August 6

IMG_1976We did the first cardio day of phase 3 titled “Burn” and boy did we. The sweat just did not stop coming. Thankfully, though, I had a Sometimes Vlog from Justin Scarred to get me through the 25 minutes of absolute incline torture that was the end of the workout. Only 2 more of those to go.

August 7 

IMG_1980Friday was the first leg day of phase 3 with a ridiculous circuit that was actually kind of terrible. Not like, oh this was so hard, but painful. I have bad knees and the machine I usually use that doesn’t piss them off has been broken for a month or so now so I have to use the one that really pisses my knees off and it was just all kinds of bad. They probably won’t be fixing it in time for the next leg day either. Fun fun.

August 8

IMG_1981 IMG_1983

Yesterday was International Cat Day so of course there is a picture of my fur child. I miss her. I made my little brother send me that picture. And then the other picture is my breakfast. Protein pancakes with peanut butter and chocolate chips. The chocolate chips melted together and I did a swirly thing with the peanut butter. It was heaven.

How was your week?


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