I am exhausted

I should get on a regular blogging schedule, but my work schedule is kind of erratic right now. I had to work extra shifts Monday and Tuesday that I don’t normally work so I was just exhausted when I got home each night.

I started Phase 3 of Crush60 this morning and just about died. Typing my passwords on my computer afterward was a struggle, and I had to go to work pretty much directly after.

Also, phase 3 has me on a lot lower carbs than I am used to. This is probably the one phase I’ll have the easiest time hitting protein macros with than the others. I can easily eat 100-120 g  of protein a day. The first few phases had me a 170 and I just don’t like meat. I can only eat so much chicken breast and egg whites in a day. The carbs part I’m gonna struggle with, though. I started the nutrition part yesterday so I know I can do it, but I am just so much more exhausted now than usual.

Low carb just does not cut it for me.

I have about 40% macro calorie whatever you call it for protein and 25% for carbs. That’s way too low for me. I’m tired and I sleep fine. Moving is a struggle. I’m just not a keto person. I love my carbs!

It’s kind of amazing how much food can affect how you feel. I mean, it makes sense, but when you stop to think about it and notice how your body feels it’s fascinating. Your body gets the majority of its energy from carbs so without mine doesn’t really know what to do.

I’m gonna try to stick to the nutrition for the next 18 days that are left in this program and then I might change it up to having a few more carbs than what I’m stuck with now. Maybe 40-40-20 or something like that.


2 thoughts on “I am exhausted

  1. I was friends with a couple of bodybuilders that used to cut out carbs before shows, just eating protein. They said they had zero energy and headaches for weeks before each competition. It’s not something I would even attempt..

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