Week #31 of 2015

I can’t believe we’re over halfway done with 2015! I feel like I’m still just getting used to typing 2015 instead of 2014!

July 26

IMG_1944Sunday we watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Every summer we watch through all of the movies, and that started the year the final movie came out. We were on vacation with nothing else to do but watch through all the movies and then see the very last one the day it opened in this non-air conditioned theater. But I was still fairly underweight so the heat didn’t bother me as much as it bothered every one else.

July 27


On Monday, work was actually going okay for once until a heavy metal grate fell on my foot, so I spent my afternoon in the ER because, well, I wasn’t paying the bill so why not?

July 28

IMG_1954But I wasn’t about to let a foot contusion keep me from going to the gym. I got up bright and early the next morning for another arm day!

July 29

IMG_1958I’ve been having egg white oatmeal for breakfast lately, and apple pie egg white oatmeal at that. I don’t want it to be fall right now or anything…

July 30

IMG_1957I just had to take a picture of how long my hair is getting. I’m so excited about it!

July 31

IMG_1960Okay, so the story behind this picture is I’ve just had about 3 shots of vodka, watched The Prisoner of Azkaban, and was very entertained by the light behind my head like that. The Actor and I made very silly snapchats and then went to bed.

August 1

IMG_1962On Saturday we went to the gym for the last Inferno day of Crush60 Phase 2. We were dripping with sweat by the end, as usual, and I had to pass out on the couch for a little while after we got home. I think the 106 degree heat didn’t help either.

How was your week?


One thought on “Week #31 of 2015

  1. I was totally thinking about how long your hair is before even reading that caption! Love it! The first time I watched/finished all HP movies back to back in a week I felt empty and sad when they were done. HAHA.

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