Week #30 of 2015

July 19IMG_1924
On Sunday we drove to a nearby town and went to Red Robin for a lunch/dinner kind of thing. It had been a kind of terrible week so we needed a date night. We had these things called “fruffles” for dessert which were truffles but shaped like fries and they had this delicious berry “ketchup” that went with them. So good, but I was so full. Afterwards we went to Target and I got a new blender because mine had broken a few days before. It was a cheap $15 blender, so I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did.

July 20

IMG_1925Monday was just another day at work. I looked cute but I went to work so it was kind of a waste of a cute day.

July 21

IMG_1926 IMG_1930

Tuesday was a particularly bad day so I had to make cookies when I got home. My dresses for Dapper Day also arrived in the mail so the day did turn around once I got off of work!

July 22

IMG_1933Wednesday was a killer workout day, followed by a long 8 hours on my feet at work. I was exhausted when I finally got off. My job is seriously going to kill me. Only 4 more weeks!

July 23

Photo on 7-23-15 at 4.06 PMI took a “rest day” on Thursday which really just turned into me sleeping in and then doing some cardio and Pilates at home after work.

July 24

IMG_1935 IMG_1938

Friday was leg day at the gym and I wore some new leggings I got on mega sale from Zumba. They have great workout gear. Then I took a walk during my lunch break and found some flowers around campus. I like to walk on my lunches. I need to get out of the building for a while.

July 25

IMG_1941Yesterday was a lazy day except for Crush, of course. But I made waffles for breakfast, we went to the gym, then we got home watched a bunch of movies and had mac and cheese for dinner because why not? It was another stressful, terrible week at work so we needed the day of relaxation.

How was your week?


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