Week #28 of 2015

July 5

IMG_1846I said goodbye to my cat on Sunday and drove back home to my college town.

July 6

IMG_1876I’d been waiting over a year for this book and I finished it in less than a week. Now I have nothing to read. I’ll find something soon I hope.

July 7

IMG_1877I wore a crop top to work on Tuesday. I mean, I changed into my uniform when I got there, but it was really nice. Crop tops are awesome. I was wearing them with jeans in this picture so I felt like I was in the 90s, but when I changed into my high waisted shorts after work I felt more modern.

July 8

IMG_1879I was able to squat my own bodyweight on Wednesday, which was super exciting, except I could barely walk the next day.

July 9

IMG_1882My hair is getting long again, finally. I’m very excited about it.

July 10

IMG_1886We started phase 2 of Crush60 on Friday and I almost died. It was ridiculous, but awesome.

July 11

IMG_1889The Actor and I drove over to Silverdale and went to this adorable cafe, and had the most delicious coffee I’ve had so far, but I’m still new to the coffee world so I’ve only had the ok coffee we have on campus. Then we wandered around a mall because malls are awesome and you really start to appreciate them when you live at least an hour or two away from one. We ended the day at the waterfront park. It was a really nice Saturday.

How was your week?


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