Week #27 of 2015


June 28IMG_1821I spent Sunday sitting in my apartment trying to keep cool and watching movies all day. It was a very relaxing weekend.

June 29

IMG_1830Monday we ended up going to the gym in the evening, which was a mistake because of how crowded it was, but I was very impressed with my baby biceps that are finally growing. Crush60 is amazing!

June 30

IMG_1835Apple cupcakes have been a staple for dinner this summer. It’s been over 100 degrees the past two or three weeks now, and I just do not want anything hot by the end of the day, so an apple and peanut butter and chocolate chips make the perfect dinner.

July 1

IMG_1837The Actor has taken to making sculptures out of the bananas at work and I took this snap of one he made on Wednesday. It’s been slow.

July 2

IMG_1842I took some pictures of the flowers blooming in front of my apartment complex. It’s been hot but at least the flowers are pretty.

July 3IMG_1847I got to go back home on Friday because I had to cat sit this pretty little thing. She was so happy to see me again. I wish I could take her home with me, but I don’t think she would like it over here with all the heat.

July 4

IMG_1866We drove all over Seattle on the 4th only to be denied entrance to a bunch of parks because we had a dog with us. We ended up sitting on our friend’s dad’s roof and watching the fireworks from there. It was still a fun day.

How was your week?





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