Thinking Out Loud #19: Tattoos

IMG_0192 IMG_0434 IMG_0856


I have three tattoos so far. They are pictured in the order that I got them. The first, “dream” is really tiny on my wrist, and I got it kind of as a test to see if I could handle getting tattoos. I believe that we only get one life and we need to allow ourselves to dream as well as be serious. We can’t let money rule our lives and forget about the things we really want. And I’ve always been a big Disney nerd. Disney reminds me to dream. And the two stars represent the second star to the right, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, never grow up, etc.

The second tattoo, my Deathly Hallows Harry Potter tattoo was the first tattoo I’d ever wanted. I’m not gonna lie, I was in a ball cradling my wrist for about two hours after getting this one. I got “expecto patronum” underneath because it reminds me to find the light when my depression is especially bad.

The third one is Sailor Moon and underneath it says “bishoujo senshi” which translates to “beautiful warrior” or as the Chinese cook at my work translated “beautiful girl army.” Both are acceptable. I grew up with Sailor Moon. It was a big part of my development and figuring out who I am, as weird as that sounds. But I got that one more because I liked it than its deeper meaning.

Now I’m past the point of getting tattoos only because they have this deep emotional/spiritual connection. I’ve got a bunch planned that I want because I like them.

More and more people in my generation are getting tattoos. And today I overheard one of the managers at my job bitching about that fact. She had the usual complaints. They won’t look good when you get older. No one thinks about the future apparently. They’re gross. She said more people in my generation have tattoos but her generation is the one hiring us for higher up jobs and so they’re going to have to become more accepting of them. But she said that like we were asking her to eat her child.

Tattoos are not a big deal. They are also fairly cost effective. What else can you buy that will last you until you die? And nothing looks good as it ages. You don’t look as good at 80 as you did at 18. That’s life. And yes, you are going to have to hire us but having a tattoo does not hinder our ability to do a job. A tattoo of a flower not going to make someone suddenly unable to type or smile at a customer. Also, my generation largely does not care about tattoos in a negative way.

Tattoos are the least of our problems if we can even call them problems. Get one if you want, don’t get one if you don’t want one. I won’t judge you for not having a tattoo. I won’t judge you for your choice of tattoo(s). Please don’t judge me for mine.



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