Week #25 of 2015

June 14

IMG_1713I took this picture while sitting under the tree next to a stream on a walk I took. Sunday was spent nursing a slight hangover from a post graduation party. It was relaxing and the start of summer.

June 15

tumblr_npztdfX2BL1rnh8puo2_1280 Of course, Monday was the start of Crush60. It was killer and also awesome. It was also the start of my new shift at work. Unfortunately, no one was on campus last week so every day was painfully slow.

June 16

IMG_1736I‘ve been taking a lot of pictures in the gym because of this program. It’s really exhausting and I’ve only just started. I can’t wait to see where I am at the end of the 60 days.

June 17

IMG_1732I‘m still kind of doing the stretch project. I have no excuse for not doing it because I’m on summer break now and have no homework to prevent me from doing it. I do, however, have a ridiculous amount of television to watch. Ah, the life of a writer.

June 18

IMG_1739We went hiking on Thursday which was really nice.

June 19

IMG_1756Friday was a ridiculous cardio day in the crush program. It took us a little over an hour and we were dripping by the end.

June 20

IMG_1758 IMG_1761Saturday was another crazy Crush day. We went to see Inside Out, Pixar’s new movie, which was amazing and so full of feels, and then we immediately went to the gym because it was gonna close soon. So, I had not eaten in a while and it was really tough to get through the workout, but I did it! Then we went out to the bars that night, but, again, no one is here and it was painfully dead. College students make up about half of the town’s population, so with it being summer vacation the only people here are locals.

I am a terrible blogger, and like I said, I have no excuse. A lot has been happening emotionally and physically so I haven’t been able to focus on blogging. Even though school is out I still seem to have a lot on my plate. Now, it’s late and I still haven’t eaten dinner so I should do that.


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