Lavender Graduation

First of all, what is Lavender Graduation? Lavender Graduation is a ceremony separate from regular commencement to celebrate the graduates from the LGBTQA+ community. You can Google it for more information.

Last week on Thursday I participated in my university’s Lavender Graduation. I am bisexual, so I do identify as part of the LGBTQA+ community. I am not graduating until December, but now is when all the graduation celebrations are happening, so I decided to participate. I won’t be walking at commencement next spring, so I thought I might as well do something.


I bought this adorable dress online from Hollister. I wore it to both of the graduation celebrations I attended last week. It was my “graduation dress” and I love it.


The Actor came. This picture was taken before the celebration began. I was very happy to be sitting because I walked about a mile in these children’s sized heels that cut up my feet miserably.

IMG_0235We had a speaker and then there was a beautiful slideshow put together about all of us. I’m the shortest one in the lineup. I’m tiny in stature. We all got rainbow stoles, a medallion on a rainbow ribbon, and a certificate of excellence in a nice frame that is now hanging on a push pin on my wall behind me until I actually get my diploma in March of next year.

IMG_0240I want to get a picture of me in that stole for grad announcements. I loaned it to a friend who could not participate in Lavender Graduation but is walking at commencement. I thought since I’m not walking someone should get some use out of it. Also, I love the muscles on my arm in this picture. It’s beautiful.

After the little ceremony we had pizza and cake and chatted with people. It was really nice, really quick, and very personal. I liked that a lot better than commencement that is not short or personal at all.

I have two weeks left in this quarter before it is officially over, and this is my last week of class. Then I get about a three month break before finally finishing college. I can’t believe it’s already almost the end because it feels like I was just moving into my dorm room and starting my freshman year. I am finishing college in 3 1/4 years instead of 4, so it did go a lot faster than for most, but still. It seems like the years end in the blink of an eye. We’re already in June!

Have you graduated from high school and/or college? What was your commencement ceremony like?


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