Week #22 of 2015

May 24



I spent Sunday at the gym mostly. I did HIIT sprints on the treadmill then a bike and then I went to Zumba.

May 25

IMG_1429Monday I had off from work which was very nice, so I made these oatmeal cookies and some egg whites for breakfast, which is what I had for breakfast every day last week. It was a nice change from my overnight oats. I got stuck in a breakfast rut so it was nice to mix it up. I went to the gym for my usual leg day, but the majority of the day was just relaxing.

May 26

IMG_1432On Tuesday I had work again and classes, and then it was AUAP (Asia University America Program) night because this cycle will be leaving in a few weeks. It’s a night they put on and perform, but I was unfortunately only able to attend the first two performances because I got very sick on Tuesday night. I actually called in sick for work the next day and just went home and went to bed.

May 27


It’s a good thing I called in, because I woke up the next day in a complete daze. I spent the day on the couch, except for when I ended up doing some Pop Pilates because I’m crazy like that. Can’t miss even a day. I didn’t have a fever so I knew I could squeeze in some kind of workout. I actually did feel a little better, too.

May 28

IMG_1439On Thursday I had Lavender Graduation, which I’ll post about later. I was going to post about it on Friday, but I was still kind of sick and had a ridiculous amount of homework to do. But this was my dress. I ordered it online from Hollister.

May 29

IMG_1449So I did have a lot of homework to do Friday, but I took a short break to go to the drag show the school put on, and then that turned into a very long break that went until 4 am. There was a dance after the show that we went to, but it ended at midnight and the drag show ended at 10:30. So we bar hopped for a little bit and ended up getting pancakes at IHOP. If that’s not, like, the definition of a college Friday night I don’t know what is.

May 30

IMG_1452I woke up at 11am the next morning and went straight to the gym. I went to a Zumba class and came out dripping in sweat and thought, let’s do some more, so I sat on a bike for a while. Then I went home and did nothing but homework for 5 straight hours. I got all of it done which means I get to relax today.

How was your week?


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