Thinking Out Loud #17


Time for the weekly thinking out loud post!

1. Memorial day weekend was this little taste of summer and then on Tuesday I got thrown back into the real world. It was brutal.

2. It was doubly brutal because on Tuesday I got very sick. I felt it getting progressively worse as the day wore on, and I had to go to a festival/ceremony/celebration thing that night. I went to class where we watched a documentary about product placement and then I went to the thing. I was only there for about an hour before I felt just terrible and went home. I felt bad, too, because my friend was going to perform and I had to miss all 3 of her performances.

3. So, because of yesterday, today has been like another vacation day because I called in sick to work and have spent the day lounging around, drinking ALL the water, and binge watching stuff on Netflix.

4. Since I am sick (that’s the theme for today’s post in case you didn’t notice) I did not go to the gym. In fact, I never left the apartment. But I did do some pop pilates because today was ab day anyway. Gotta love Cassey!

5. I am not ready for graduation. So many of my friends are graduating in a few weeks and leaving and I’ll probably not see them again for a very long time if ever, which is a very sad thought, and I am also not ready for my graduation in December. Am I ready to be done with college and gtfo? Absolutely. But everything that comes after that? Nope.

6. I am also not ready for Dapper Day because I still need to buy my dress and shoes, but I am always ready to go to Disneyland. Their 60th anniversary celebration kicked off on Friday with a 24 hour party and I saw Tomorrowland and went to the bars with the Actor. It was a fun night, but Disneyland…

I think I’m gonna go binge watch more things and go to bed. Gotta go to work again tomorrow. 😛


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