Week #21 of 2015

May 17

IMG_1413This is kind of the week of selfies. I didn’t even notice until I was uploading all the pictures just how many I took. Not sure how I feel about that.

Sunday was my typical lazy Sunday, except for the gym.

Sunday workout: 6.5 mile run while watching Legally Blonde

May 18

IMG_1415I was very happy with my makeup Monday morning. I felt like actually looking nice that day, for no reason. Sometimes doing a bit of a makeover is nice.

Monday workout: leg day!!

May 19


You’ve already seen this picture. I tried to take pictures of my food on Tuesday, but after lunch I didn’t really take any more.

Tuesday workout: pull day

May 20

IMG_1420Wednesday was a fairly relaxing day. I really should have spent it preparing for my upcoming finals, but ending up not doing that. I went to Zumba and that was about it. I did get my teeth cleaned. I had about a bazillion x-rays taken, and the most painful teeth cleaning I’ve ever had. I don’t think I’ll be going back to them again. I’ll stick with the dentist in my hometown, even though it is a 2 hour drive.

Wednesday workout: Blogilates abs + Zumba

May 21

IMG_1423On Thursday the dress I’m going to wear to my “graduation ceremony” and the Actor’s came in the mail. It’s kind of a weird feeling because I’m very excited to graduate and do all this, but also know that I won’t be actually graduating until December. So it’s like exciting and disappointing and frustrating at the same time.

Thursday workout: deadlift day + HIIT cardio!

May 22

IMG_1426On Friday I worked a double shift and then got to go to another doctor! This was a painful-ish visit but I expected it to be, so there’s nothing I can do about that. It was my yearly OB/GYN visit, and they checked my IUD as well. It’s been a year, and everything was good. Then I went to the gym, did homework, did laundry, and saw Tomorrowland with the Actor.

Friday workout: push day + HIIT cardio

May 23

IMG_1427Yesterday was a really fun day. We got lunch with my in-laws, then went to a friend’s house for hot dogs and games before a big birthday party, then we went to the party, and at the end of the night after being up WAYY past my bedtime I took this selfie. Struggling to stay awake, but it was a really great night. Side note, my forehead is super awkward.

Saturday workout: HIIT cardio

How was your week? 


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