My Response to the “Dad Bod” Thing

If you haven’t read the article I’ve linked it here.

If you don’t want to read it, basically this girl wrote this article “Why Girls Love The Dad Bod” for her school’s newspaper outlining why women prefer the fluffier physique in men. If you don’t know what a dad bod is it is apparently a guy who can be described as softly round. They aren’t obese but they aren’t fit, either.

dad bod

I take issue with this whole thing. I don’t care if you’re attracted to the guy with washboard abs or the dad bod guy. You like who you like, that’s none of my business.

What I take issue with is that we are glamorizing a body that is achieved out of laziness while women have to be stick thin with big lips, big boobs, a big ass, but no waist, and god forbid she have any fat on her body other than in her breasts or butt. If a woman does not have a chiseled body (but not bulky because then she is man-ish and that is a whole other problem) then she is called fat and lazy and “doesn’t care enough” about her body. But now, if a man does that it’s not a problem at all. In fact, it’s apparently ideal.


In movies and TV guys with dad bods get the super models, but if a larger girl in movies has a crush on the muscular man she’s probably there for comedic relief, ridiculed, and does not end up with him.

I also take issue with a few of her points. You can cuddle with anyone. Muscles aren’t rocks. You can eat delicious things whether you have a dad bod or not. Meal prepping is not bad because it means you’re taking care of your body, and I’ll take that over someone who doesn’t care about their health. You also cannot tell someone’s entire personality by their body type. It’s kinda the whole “don’t judge a book by its cover” thing we were all taught as kids. And the intimidation point, girls, you all need to know that you are fucking awesome and you deserve anyone and everyone. Don’t be intimidated. Guys are not better than us.

Not to mention that for the majority of people carrying around extra fat and drinking excessively is not healthy.

But my main issue is what praising the dad bod does to reinforce the ridiculous standards that are already placed on women and separate us from men in the eyes of the media. If men can have “dad bods” and be praised then women should be able to have whatever body they have and get the same treatment.


2 thoughts on “My Response to the “Dad Bod” Thing

  1. Ellie says:

    I read this article and it made me LOL! I actually could agree that for me personally, muscles are nice to look at, but hard to cuddle with ;-P my last boyfriend…
    I like the way you compare this to how women are portrayed in society. I’ve read studies that is the opposite of what you say. Biologically, men in most societies like to be with women who are more curvaceous because they are more fertile and reproductive. That is why in less developed countries, larger women are considered more beautiful. This just reminds me that what is displayed in media does not accurately portray what men or women actually want.

    • Oh, yeah, biologically women with larger hips and more weight are better because they are fertile and able to reproduce. But the media portrays a different ideal, and we’re so overpopulated as a planet now that the more fertile female is not really needed. But that’s another point entirely. The media cannot speak for everyone. The media speaks for money.

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