Week #15 of 2015

April 5


I always almost forget to take pictures on Sunday, so here is a picture of Netflix open on my kindle. I haven’t read in a little while because I’ve been watching anime on my kindle at night instead. You need to switch it up every now and then. I spent Sunday doing homework and I ran in the gym for a little bit while I watched Treasure Planet on my kindle. I like that movie. It’s one of my favorite underrated Disney movies.

April 6


I went to Zumba Monday night and my campus friend came, too. It was also the very first class of a brand new instructor who auditioned the same day that I did so I went to support him. It was very fun, but also very crowded because it was the last day of free classes. I’m excited for this week because now people have to pay to go.

April 7


I took this while rushing to class after a hip hop dance class in the gym. I thought all the head movements I did made my hair look awesome. My neck did not agree the next day.

April 8


Those early morning shifts are starting to catch up to me. Dark circles for dayssss.

April 9


I got to go on a nice run on Thursday. It was sunny and kind of breezy which helped with the heat. I had to cut it short .4 of 4 miles, though, because I’m on antibiotics which affect athletic performance a lot and I wasn’t feeling great. Not bad, though.

April 10


After work Friday I had nothing else to do so I threw on a baggy t-shirt and some booty shorts and called it good. I was very proud of my comfortable aesthetic.

April 11


Saturday was very productive. I spent 3 hours cleaning the apartment, choreographing more songs, practicing what I already have, doing homework, and designing all of the tattoos I am for sure getting in the future.

How was your week?


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