Thinking Out Loud #12

It’s time again for thinking out loud!


1. I am 2 weeks into Spring Quarter. We are getting down to the wire now. I have to apply for graduation by the beginning of July. I need to find a good paying summer job so I can gtfo when I graduate. I have 2 quarters left. This one and fall. Kind of terrifying.

2. I am currently working on listening to my body more. I’m on antibiotics right now which is making my athletic performance kind of suck and I’m trying to just accept that and give my body what it needs. I ran 38 minutes today, 3.96 miles. I kind of want to beat myself up for it but I did try one last push to get to that 4th mile and I was just feeling awful so I stopped and went home.

3. I am almost a third of the way through this 30 day clean eating challenge and I’m surprised how easy it is. I meal prep on the weekends for lunches and we plan out dinners, and it’s great. Will is in on it, too, which helpful. It’s hard to eat healthy when your husband isn’t so I’m really glad he’s doing this with me.

4. I’m taking a writing for TV class right now, and we’ve only met twice cause the professor is out of town, but I’m very excited for it. I can’t believe I already have only 8 weeks left of class, but I’m excited.

5. Other than being excited for classes, I’m mostly excited for summer. I need a break from school. I have been taking classes almost nonstop since fall 2013 because I took classes during summer last year. I need a break. I need to just have a job to worry about so I can go home at night, eat, and get down to writing and working on my portfolio before I move to LA.

6. So, the whole Zumba thing isn’t going to happen right now. I am certified. I’m going to keep my certification and keep choreographing, but as far as having my own class that doesn’t look like a possibility right now. I’m going to apply in gyms when I move, but right now, just, not here.

7. In my last post I wrote about going to counseling, and I did, and it was iffy. I have another appointment tomorrow but I don’t think I’m actually going to go back after that.

8. It’s spring and I am so happy for the sunny, warm weather! I’m working breakfast this quarter so I get to see the sunrise and it’s just so nice.

That’s all I have to ramble about right now. Those are the snippets from my mind.


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